Newspaper CMS: Everything you need to know

Newspaper CMS: Everything you need to know

Publishing content online would mean needing a newspaper CMS platform that helps you, as a publisher to carry out all of the following tasks -

  1. Ease of publishing and speed of publishing

A newspaper CMS would help the team to publish stories quicker and with ease. If your newspaper CMS software is mobile-friendly, then reporters would be able to submit stories from the field, directly onto the CMS. The editorial team could review it all and have it published within minutes. This helps with breaking news and live reporting.

The newspaper CMS would also provide a better editorial workflow wherein the entire team can collaborate their efforts effectively. Admins can set access restrictions for all freelancers and team members based on the need and the output could be churned out instantly.

A newspaper CMS would also allow writers to schedule stories and publish the stories on all the social channels as well, allowing maximum coverage through simple clicks.

  1. Content Personalisation and Analytics

Creating content can be tricky. With the wider scope that comes with the digital space, it is important to have an editorial content management system that allows you to add/edit various elements that would enhance all your stories. Having distinct elements, story templates and formats will also help break the monotony of content on your website.

With the right publishing content management system, you should be able to get story analytics on your dashboard. This can help you keep track of your progress and performances of individual stories or authors.

  1. Monetisation through DFP and subscriptions

Adverts are a good source of income for news and media websites. Therefore, the ease and efficiency of integrating adverts into the content are very crucial.

A newspaper CMS platform should enable you to manage your ads and subscriptions easily, provide the right interface and help users subscribe with minimum payment frictions. With the right paywall strategy and tools, you can get better revenues and streamline your ad management through DFP for all devices.

  1. Flexibility of adding all numerous 3rd party systems and print systems

Integrations are important for all CMSs. You need a solution that seamlessly integrates with solutions that could help you achieve your content goals. This could enhance workflow and help with video streaming or even monetization.

The right newspaper CMS platform for news sites would also allow you to manage both your print and digital publishing through a single instance. This would bring your efforts to a central point, allowing ease of publishing and corrections.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

    You need to ensure that your content is discoverable, and a key factor in achieving this is the site visibility. This is where the SEO ranking of your site comes into play. All the different CMSs have different SEO features, but what you need is a reliable online newspaper CMS that is a capable tool in helping you with SEO and providing you with accurate SEO scores.

Having a reliable newspaper CMS platform to use ensures efficiency and effectiveness in managing and publishing all your online content.

What are the features you must look for in a Newspaper CMS?

There are many different newspaper CMS platforms out there, so which one do you pick? Here is what you must rummage around during your hunt for the most robust newspaper CMS platform.

A. Simple and friendly interface

You want a news publishing CMS that is a powerful tool in helping you to form and edit content. This often means having a drag-and-drop interface, allowing you and your team to easily add different elements on your pages.

Additionally, it should be quick and easy for you to make changes to the content on your site even after publishing it, ensuring a seamless editing experience.

B. Design options

Your newspaper CMS software is a comprehensive solution that provides you with a wide range of website design templates to choose from. It is a tool that also allows you to easily customize those designs to fit your own requirements, ideally without the need for coding. Moreover, a newspaper CMS is a platform that ensures your team experiences a singular user experience, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

C. Data portability

A great newspaper CMS platform is a versatile solution that provides you with all the tools to export your data and move it elsewhere as needed.

For instance, if you plan to migrate to a different platform or switch to a distinct hosting company, data portability is a crucial feature that allows you to maneuver around with complete freedom without compromising on your native data.

D. Integrations and add-ons

Not all websites are identical, and that is why it is a challenge for newspaper CMS platforms to provide everything that may fulfill the requirements of each website.

However, extensions and add-ons are a solution to overcome this limitation. They allow you to easily install separate integrations on your media newspaper CMS software, thereby expanding its features and adding new ones as and when needed. These extensions and add-ons are valuable assets that enhance your newspaper CMS platform, providing all the necessary support to meet your unique requirements.

E. Help and support options

Although newspaper CMS platforms aim to create a website as straightforward as possible, you may continue to have some questions. Know what help and support is out there if you grind to a halt.

Some newspaper CMS providers will have some FAQs and a customer service team that’s painfully slow to reply. Others will have the most supportive community that will all help you any time of the day or night, choose your fighter.

F. Does it suit your budget?

Some newspaper CMS platforms come with a completely free option, while others require a monthly fee. Even with free news CMS platforms, there is a possibility that you will need to acquire third-party extensions, designs, and/or web hosting services.

To avoid any unexpected surprises, make sure to thoroughly understand the pricing structure and what all is included before making a decision on your online newspaper CMS. This way, you can get the maximum value out of your chosen platform and avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way.

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Newspaper CMS: Everything you need to know

Newspaper CMS Solutions Providers

There are many newspaper CMS solutions providers in the market that offer reliable and cost-effective CMSs to news publishers. Down below is a list of all the 5 best newspaper CMS solution providers for news website:

  • Bold Newspaper CMS

Bold newspaper CMS is a headless CMS that is built keeping in mind the needs of new-age news publishers. Easy to install and run, Bold newspaper CMS comes with the most essential features such as live preview, content collections, omnichannel distribution, SEO assessment, and much more. Try the Bold Newspaper CMS platform for free.

  • Sanity

Sanity is an open-source React-based CMS for news publishers. This newspaper CMS comes with the most extensible workflows that help in building an editorial pipeline. Sanity is known for its capability of extensive customization and rapid configuration of the content. 

  • Joomla

This is a tried and tested newspaper CMS that powers many news websites on the internet. Most of the features of Joomla can be customized with the help of plugins. However, some publishers refrain from using it as there is less documentation of Joomla on the internet.

  • WordPress VIP

WordPress is mostly known as a website builder and a blogging platform. But only a few know that it also has an enterprise-level newspaper CMS called WordPress VIP that is made for media publishers. WordPress VIP can handle high traffic without any hitch and hence it is well-suited for large-scale news publishers.

  • Drupal

Drupal is an open-source web content management framework that has been around for more than two decades now. Although some of its features are outdated now, many publishers still use Drupal because it is easy to install, run, and customize.

Bold as a newspaper CMS for digital newsrooms

seo tools for news website

Bold is a headless CMS that was designed to be the best newspaper CMS for all publishers. It’s a smart platform that gives publishers the flexibility and security they need to be popular in the digital space. With better workflow management and an easy interface, Bold newspaper CMS ensures that both larger and smaller media publishers have the most premium content management experience.

Bold newspaper CMS has all the features listed above in the article - making it the right fit for any publisher. It integrates with third-party systems seamlessly and is constantly coming up with a list of updates to keep up with the changing times.

The team at Quintype ensures that Bold newspaper CMS gives the most superior experience to all its clients. This means that not only is it industry-approved but it’s also constantly subject to feedback from its network of all publishers, allowing better performance rates, quicker maintenance, and functional upgrades.

Key Features of Bold Newspaper CMS

Bold newspaper CMS comes with the most number of features that makes the news publishing process effortless. Its key features that benefits digital news publishers are:

  • Cardified News Editor

    Bold editorial CMS provides flexibility to shuffle between cards and elements or re-use a card like slides of presentation. It provides easy management of metered content, ad placements, and paywalls.

  • News Story Elements

    The Story elements within a newspaper CMS editor work as building blocks to enrich news stories. Use elements like CTA, also read, galleries, and slideshows to enhance expression, engagement, and interaction with the news stories.

  • Mobile Journalism

    Bold newspaper CMS allows editors to build your templates or use out-of-box structures for different story types, including breaking news, photo stories, videos, live blogs, web/visual stories, or free-flow with an open-text template.

  • Live News Coverage

    In a mobile-first world, readers demand live coverage of news events. With a online newspaper CMS, you can update news stories in real-time that will be automatically arranged in reverse order as the story gets completed.

  • Live Story Previews & Version Tracking

    With a newspaper CMS software, journalists can visualise the stories as they build on desktop or mobile screens. Journalists can view or restore any version from the story timeline.

  • Hyperlocal News & Personalisation

    Bold newspaper CMS allows editors to recommend news stories based on user-selected preferences or location.

  • Optimised Images

    Images uploaded on Bold newspaper CMS for publishers are auto-resized to fit any screen or cropped based on a focus area chosen by editorial teams.

  • Built-in Image Processor & Editor

    Journalists can edit the images directly within the newspaper CMS for any channel or device

  • Alternate Images and Headlines

    Using Bold newspaper CMS, journalists can make their stories stand out with different images and headlines across multiple channels.

  • Curate Collections

    Bold newspaper CMS allows to create content bundles dynamically via rules and/or manually override with selected stories.

  • Sorting and Ranking

    Bold newspaper CMS provides easy drag-and-drop editorial sorting and ranking for home and listing pages.

  • Efficient Categorisation

    Publishing dozens of stories daily means that your websites will have tens of thousands of pages in a year. To ensure that those stories can be later revisited, Bold newspaper CMS categorizes stories with the help of tags, attributes, entities, and sections.

  • Customisable Workflows

    Every newsroom has its own workflow that can change with time. Instead of locking you in, Bold newspaper CMS lets you customise your news workflow according to your team size and editorial needs.

  • Newsroom Efficiency

    Bold newspaper CMS provides bespoke integrations for spell-check, plagiarism checks, and webhooks to communicate with third party systems.

  • Editorial Planning

    Bold newspaper CMS allows editors to connect their internal planning tools like Slack, Asana, and Trello and track content projects.

  • Access Management

    Editors can assign roles, permissions, and teams in Bold newspaper CMS to manage unlimited users and/or external authors and content contributors.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Bold newspaper CMS provides data-driven insights around story performance, author performance, and section performance

  • SEO Validations

    Search engines are the biggest source of traffic for every news publisher. To ensure that you stay on top of search results, Bold newspaper CMS gives you on-page SEO validation with recommendations such as meta tag errors, keyword density, media errors, and much more.

  • Omnichannel Distribution

    When you use Bold newspaper CMS, you don't need to get out of the CMS to publish news stories on different channels. The newspaper CMS itself will help you in omnichannel distribution with a configurable settings for every individual distribution channel.

  • Print Integration

    Bold newspaper CMS provides webhooks and attributes to enable content flow to external systems such as Indesign or bespoke print systems. It also allows integration with existing DAM / MAM solutions with the newspaper CMS media library.

  • News Aggregators

    Bold newspaper CMS enables news editors to maximise the reach of their content to a wider audience with out-of-the-box integrations for news aggregators

  • Syndication & Newswires

    Quintype's newspaper CMS provides two-way syndication engine (in and out) for content sharing and wire-feed integrations. It allows content ingestion from newswire feeds, UGC modules, and others and Outward syndication to print and downstream systems 

Bold newspaper CMS provides publishers with a space to create, distribute and monetise all of their content with ease. It is a scalable solution that doesn’t hinder your brand’s growth. As a smart newspaper CMS, it allows you to schedule stories, bucket all of them into separate categories and post them on social media at your convenience.

We used the headless CMS to launch our digital platform in 2016. From CMS to paywall solutions, Quintype manages the full tech stack for us. The platform is easy to use and customize for our requirements.
Amarnath Govindarajan, Publisher and Chief Digital Officer, Swarajya

Bold newspaper CMS also works in tune with all the other suite of products from Quintype. Together, they allow publishers to set their digital publishing journey right and give you the right technical support to be on par with the big league media houses in the digital publishing space.

If you’ve wanted to publish your online news but aren’t sure how, then Bold newspaper CMS is for you. You can have your own online news website up and running in a matter of time!

It was important to have a news CMS that helped us maintain an effective workflow. We’ve seen remarkable growth in page views after moving to Bold Newspaper CMS. The platform comes loaded with content marketing features which makes the entire experience outstanding.
Prakash Kumar, Head- Digital Marketing, Prabhat Khabar

Create News Apps with a Newspaper CMS

iOS and Android Apps for News

As a publisher, you could provide a better experience for all your readers through an app. Bold Newspaper CMS can help you with that. Bold news CMS works effortlessly with digital content and you can also manage all your native content for your app through Bold. React native apps from Quintype aid this process for publishers by allowing them to launch their app in a matter of days.

Apps can help readers get quicker updates, and reader-friendly features like dark mode, font adjustment and other mobile tools. Readers also have access to all the information at a low internet speed. You could run updates on apps - Android and iOS in very little time. Apps integrate with the mobiles of readers and enhance the user experience by a large margin.


Publishers require technology that empowers them with a smart content management system. Having a newspaper CMS ensures that content is given the primary focus. A newsroom CMS allows creation, distribution and monetisation of all your content. It helps teams work together with minimum friction. The benefits of having a newspaper CMS can be narrowed down to a few pointers; however, it is appropriate to say that a competitive newspaper CMS would provide publishers a pleasant publishing experience on the digital platform.

Publishers today have many newspaper CMS options. Finding the most suitable newspaper CMS for your content and brand is of utmost importance. Finding the best newspaper cms can be a difficult task. The right newspaper CMS platform for news sites should allow you flexibility, empowerment, control and scalability.


Do newsrooms use CMS ?


Yes. News content management systems are a central platform where publishers can create, curate and distribute content. You can use your news CMS to distribute content to both print and digital platforms. It helps you coordinate your content and is easier to manage.


How do you optimise online newsrooms with a newspaper CMS?


Online newspapers can be optimized with the right content strategies. You need to actively track your site and content analytics in order to improve your site visibility and traffic. Ensuring better website performance and maintaining optimal SEO scores will also help you rank better.


How do online newspapers make money with a newspaper CMS?


Online newspapers can have diverse revenue streams. While traditionally, most publishers depended on advertisement revenue, with online platforms one can explore - subscription revenue, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, memberships etc.


What are the main features of Bold newspaper CMS?


Bold newspaper CMS comes with a superior workflow, premium content management experience, omnichannel distribution, schedule publishing, rich multimedia support, seamless third party integrations, and an ever evolving feature list to keep up with the trends.


What kinds of news apps can you build with the Bold newspaper CMS?


Bold newspaper CMS helps you build a range of news apps. The react native apps from Quintype can help you launch your app in a matter of days. You can push your native content through Bold newspaper CMS and manage both your website and app content through a single news CMS.

  • Support: The Bold newspaper CMS is tailor-made for the digital news publishers. This means that there is a team dedicated to supporting the back-end work of these media publishers. Quintype takes care of the most of tech heavy lifting leaving the editorial team to only worry about the content. The optimized newspaper CMS helps you publish your content to your website with zero friction. The headless structure also helps you explore your front-end options.

  • User-friendly interface: The interface is easy and intuitive, allowing you to navigate through the system and perform actions seamlessly with easy clicks. It's designed not to be unnecessarily complicated and works to ensure a streamlined experience, helping you complete tasks quicker and more efficiently. Additionally, it caters well to the requirements of larger teams, providing support to the entire team's workflow and contributing to their productivity.

  • Security: The most secured CMS platform ensures top-notch security for your online content and makes sure to provide protection to the website from internet threats.

  • Flexibility: Bold newspaper CMS seamlessly integrates with other third party solutions, providing publishers with a flexibility they need to grow their news website. To the non-developers, Bold newspaper CMS is easy to manage and functions as a strong headless CMS.

If you want to publish a digital newspaper, you will definitely need to turn to the most modern news CMS with a 24/7 support. The Bold newspaper CMS by Quintype is the perfect solution for creating, curating, and distributing digital newspapers. Schedule a free demo of the Bold newspaper CMS to the experience its capabilities firsthand.