Running editorial teams and workflows

Understanding workflows in newsroom with Bold CMS
Running editorial teams and workflows

When working with teams both inhouse and agency, it’s important to discuss and finalize a workflow that is both easy and effective. With remote, hybrid and global office models that exist today, a workflow takes away the friction from the entire process. Automation can play the more crucial role when it comes to maintaining a workflow that fits all. This helps everyone know what they’re supposed to do, how they’re meant to do it and who it should reach. Creating various levels of work and breaking it down into a system that can operate on its own is what brings in a flow.

Let’s look into editorial workflow. An editorial team looks into all things content. From the ideation stage to publication, the content has to go through several cycles of review and development to finally go out there into the world. Namely, 

  • Content ideation and creation

  • SEO input and edits

  • Distribution platform

  • Author inputs 

  • Include images, hyperlinks and videos to support the content 

  • Create content for different channels for promotion 

Content creation and marketing are not easy to conquer and rule over. It needs you to sit down and create a functional plan. This is the same for your overall workflow in a newsroom. You need to come up with ideas and steps that are not only simple but also easy to follow through for your writers/authors. 

Running workflows with Bold CMS 

  1. Content creation takes a lot of time and effort. You want to put out original, intentional and targeted content for your audience. This means that you would look into titles that your audiences find relevant, look at trending stories and further to curate a list of ideas that your readers would benefit from. On Bold, content creators both from within the team and guest writers, can have a singular platform where they can create and collaborate with ease. There’s also room for creating content with different formats to break the structure a bit. 

  1.  Having a systematic workflow means creating steps for everyone in the team. For instance, a content creator with an effective workflow would know at what stage collaboration would come into effect. After content creation, one would forward it to the person in charge of multimedia. From there it would move ahead for approval. And then the final review would push it into publishing. Bold allows you to have these stages which would bring the team together and give room for collaborative and individual work. 

  1. Bold CMS also understands that you would want to have some control on the access levels. This is to ensure that while the core team might act as admins who have complete control over all the bits, the team members with smaller responsibilities could have access to the things they’re involved in. The dashboard would also become simplified with this.
    Having access restrictions, allows you to bring as many collaborators without having to have an extensive alien process. You could invite them to the same working universe and not have to worry about security or the overwhelming data.  

  1. Pre-publishing steps include reviewing, editing and adding meaningful layers. This is where multimedia comes in. You need to have enough images on stock that you can use on your front-end without having to worry. Bold brings a place for your photographers and designers to photodump - this can be used by the rest of the team without having to send requests separately for a feature image. This helps you save time while also giving you high quality images. 

  1. Publishing is the final step for any content - you distribute it onto platforms that you wish. Bold helps you view what the content will look like on each platform and you can make changes to fit these devices. You can also schedule publishing articles on specific dates and time. You’re also able to make edits to articles that have been published while retaining the old published time. 

Bold further helps you keep track of the performance of each of your blogs and authors. This data on the dashboard can give you a quick snapshot of where you’re at with your content targets. Having such a solid workflow can remove any friction within teams while keeping things moving. 

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Running editorial teams and workflows
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Running editorial teams and workflows

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