Building your food website? Do it with Bold CMS
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Building your food website? Do it with Bold CMS

Lure more reader's to your food website!

How do you build a popular food website?

Conversations around food get you drooling. Food websites and blogs are everybody’s guilty pleasure. If you’re working with content on food, what better way to grab the eye other than sending mists of flavor through pictures.

Anna Bogush

Content on food strives to be flavourful and practical. With fun recipes to food stories around the world, the industry is flourishing. How do you keep track of all that content? More importantly, how do you get readers to taste what you’re selling?

Maintaining a YouTube channel on the side sounds good. Maybe even hire a photographer and pump out delicious photographs on social media handles!

What if you could bring it all together and have a greater impact.

Recipe Info

While you may have a chef’s precision, your readers might not. The ingredient list is the common friend of all food content writers, for good reason. Readers will only scan through their fridge once, you can help them by having a clear and separate section. Present precise details of duration, level of difficulty, yield, or even country of origin that way the readers know what they’re getting into. Improvise your style and bring the change to your website with easy layout switches. Staying trendy doesn’t have to be difficult.



You don’t want a flooded website. Present content under exciting titles, listicles have their charm. Have seasonal recipes? Festive ones? Use a listicle for ease of pushing out content and to stay relevant.

Having a listicle will help you distribute space and provide an informative structure for your website.

Another use of listicles is to present a chain of ideas in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the reader. It also helps navigate readers through your content.


Run themes of content to cater to audiences around festive seasons and for those who know what they’re looking for. Having a theme around your website helps keep the page dynamic and gives you a chance to push more theme-related content to the front.

Image gallery

Food photography is what sells it all. Your recipe may have survived decades however you need to ace that presentation game. Maybe even take a course on skillshare!

Transcend the texture and appeal through photographs. Find the right images to support your content. Capture the magic you create in your kitchen and let it lure in the chefs at home!

Ratings and Review

Get feedback from your readers to give you an organic boost. Good reviews also speak for the quality of your content, giving you a preference over others. Having access to the response of readers over your content can benefit you in making more relevant content also.

Monetization of Content

Has your food started a buzz? Direct your more engaging content over a paywall. Let exquisite taste buds get access to more premium content. Gain subscribers for your website with a subscription plan that works for all categories of users.

Multilingual Support

Bold CMS supports many languages - from Arabic to Spanish. The back-end can be completely flushed with whatever linguistics preferences you may have. This means that now local publishers too can experience a highly customised back end and serve to a wider/native audience.

How can Bold help?

Bold is a content management system that was designed for digital publishers. The CMS is powerful and keeps up with the trends in the publishing industry. It also serves the editors and content creators by making the digital experience easy and code free.

With minimal clicks, publishers can now disseminate their native content on every screen and screenless device without having to hire an entire team of developers. It also has a support system that ensures your website can handle the traffic.

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