are you ready for the AI-led disruption of newsrooms
are you ready for the AI-led disruption of newsrooms

Are You Prepared for the AI Revolution About to Hit Your Newsrooms?

As a news org, tech is your best bet in the AR/VR x AI-led revolution. The best among us are already scaling digitally transformed newsrooms with the help of a News CMS.

Technology continues to change how we consume content – on the front end of the pipeline. But, this change is nothing compared to the scene playing out at the backend, especially in the news & media industry. 

The news industry is in a peculiar spot right now, with news cycles spinning around the clock across multiple channels and platforms on social and digital media. For news companies today, having a finger in every pie - or a handle to run on every relevant platform - is not a luxury. It’s just survival.  

If that’s not enough, we now have AR/VR technologies knocking on our door. With Apple’s Vision Pro Max coming in, AR/VR is again in the spotlight. It means your newsroom is about to be disrupted once again. And that means opportunity. 

The best among us are coming to the AI-enabled AR/VR party prepared with a dedicated News CMS. 

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are you ready for the AI-led disruption of newsrooms

A Day in a digitally transformed newsroom: 

Data-driven Editorial Planning

In a traditionally managed newsroom, editorial planning takes a backseat until teams converge physically. 

  • Digitally-enabled editorial teams vet out trending news and prioritise their news stories on the go. 

  • They factor in the data from various analytics provided by the different platforms. They are responsive to constantly changing trends and are agile regarding public interest and opinions. 

Result? Your editorial planning serves your audiences perfectly, and your writers and journalists are on the same page as your editors.

Centralised Content Creation

A News CMS puts the magic back into writing and content creation by automating tasks such as formatting, version control, basic spelling and grammar check and archival. 

  • With easy tagging and categorisation of topics, your writers and editors spend less time on research and information management. 

  • They can focus more on interacting with their subjects, writing and uplifting the copy with effective storytelling. 

Result? Your journalists file better and more stories which your editors find a lot easier to edit. 

Harmonised Workflows

The virtual halls of your News CMS-enabled digital newsroom echo with symphonies of harmonious workflows. 

  • Journalists united in purpose are seamlessly collaborating on stories and exchanging resources. 

  • Reporters at events or gathering news while on the beat can key in their stories on the go. 

  • Editorial feedback and approvals are staged in real-time. There’s minimal back and forth on email. 

Result? Time saved is spent on researching more relevant stories and engaging with audiences - crucial in this age of 30% creation:70% distribution.  

Multimedia Fusion

With a News CMS, writers and editors now have an opportunity to grow as content creators. 

  • Your journalists and editors visualise their stories by integrating a variety of images and infographics enabled by your News CMS. 

  • Similarly, your visual content team collaborates better with your writing team. 

Lo and behold: Your teams are upskilled, and your workforce is digitally transformed. The day is close when we use Generative AI for content creation. You know your teams can hit the ground running with a News CMS.

Cross-Platform Performance

Your well-crafted stories can be distributed across a wide spectrum of platforms for maximised reach with just the click of a button. 

  • Your journalists or editors create content only once, while the News CMS posts it everywhere automatically.  

From here on, it’s all about engaging with your audiences. Your News CMS is quietly taking in all the data to help your teams plan the next story, news list, and day at your newsroom.

Once a chaos-ridden office, it is now a haven of collaboration and creativity. At Quintype, our Digital Experience Platform has transformed how some of India’s top news brands create and publish content. We provide an array of AI-driven editorial solutions like paraphrasing, auto-complete, content analysis and many more to revolutionise content creation, enhance content personalisation and user engagement and streamline newsroom operations. 

Your news org, too, can steal a march in the world of AI-led content if - and only if - it is already supported by a digital News CMS. At this point, adopting a News CMS is critical to business survival.

Let us empower you with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that has transformed over 200 News organisations into digital-first newsrooms, which are now ready to leverage this AI-led revolution. Give us a try.