A robust news CMS, the key to 
more efficient newsrooms

A robust news CMS, the key to more efficient newsrooms

A digital news content management system is what you need to outcompete your rivals in this high-octane industry ruled by breaking news.

As a publisher, are you breaking news less and less and missing deadlines more? 

Are you struggling to maintain a consistent brand presence across various platforms? 

Is your newsroom unable to keep pace with news cycles? 

If yes, you may be stuck in a time warp. Getting unstuck is possible at the click of a button with the right news content management system or news CMS. 

Reimagine your newsroom today

When newsrooms came into being, a news editor could afford to sleep over a key story—tweaking and fine-tuning it over hours of concentrated effort. Not anymore. 

In the digital age, your publishing time is your entire news cycle. For most news, this runs into seconds. To make it in this world, our journalists, editors, and advertisers must be flight-footed and work on a war footing to keep publishing relevant stories around the clock. 

That’s not all. You also make sure to distribute your news across an increasingly wider range of platforms to get the most run time for your story. You must engage with your audiences in real time and issue relevant updates on the go. You cannot lose sight of what works and what doesn’t because you need to stay relevant to your audiences every day. So, you need readily available insights from your data. 

Thankfully, it’s not as hard as it sounds. 

A news CMS can help you do all of this seamlessly.  

What a news CMS can do for you

news CMS
news CMS

If you are a news publisher trying to grow your presence across various social and digital media platforms, you will benefit significantly by going digital with your newsroom operations. A news CMS is your best bet. 

A news CMS helps you create, organise, and maintain your digital content. Its main job is to allow non-technical people who are not into software development and coding to publish content on the web effectively. The news CMS is unlike other traditional CMSes. 

It is specifically designed and developed to cater to the needs of your newsroom, enable your teams to construct customised editorial workflows, work on cardified editor for innovative storytelling, provide version control and other back-ups, search and find properties, archiving functionalities, as well as feedback mechanisms and post-publishing data analytics.  

Thus, on the news CMS, your reporters, journalists, editors, photographers, and advertising teams can collect, collate, coordinate and collaborate on putting news stories together for publishing. They can publish across multiple platforms and channels and engage with audiences. Finally, they can analyse the performance of individual news stories over time. A news CMS makes all of this seamless. 

Key advantages of a news CMS

Streamline your content creation process

A news CMS’ advanced cardified editor puts the individual writer or journalist in complete control of content creation while enabling editors to review and provide feedback or photographers and designers to provide media support in real time. With real-time collaboration over stories, your journalists can file stories on the go while your editors review, edit, and publish. Never miss a beat – for example, covering a live event. A news CMS gives you backup and version control functionalities which help ensure you don’t lose your WIP drafts in cases where your journalists experience dips in internet connectivity.

Take your newsroom planning up a notch

newsroom planning
newsroom planning

A news CMS that integrates seamlessly with project management tools such as Asana, Monday, Trello, or Notion can uplift your newsroom planning. Your team can collaborate more effectively on your news flow, affix responsibilities and maintain visibility across the news cycle. It’s the difference between hitting or missing a key deadline.

Create once. Publish everywhere

A news CMS pushes your content out onto platforms through APIs. The news CMS does the formatting and optimisation for you, saving you time and bandwidth and letting you enjoy complete flexibility in publishing and distribution. More importantly, this feature is critical to your business's future because mainstreaming AR/VR technologies will enable you to distribute your content across a broader spectrum of intelligent devices.

Search and find your stories easily

A news CMS creates a solid content repository, helping you search and find relevant items easily. With features that enable intelligent tagging and categorisation, your desk research is through in minutes from wherever you are. 

Data-driven news optimisation

Data analysis can and will change how your editors and journalists create content and engage with your audiences. Your news CMS doubles up as your data scientist by helping you draw valuable insights into how your audiences interact with your content. It will help you stay ahead of trends – again, a small but critical competitive edge.

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A robust news CMS, the key to 
more efficient newsrooms

Clearly, the gains are massive indeed but by how much, really? 

Well, a case in point is Sakal Media, the largest independently owned media house in Maharashtra. With Quintype’s news CMS, they improved newsroom efficiency by 50% while achieving a 3X increase in website traffic with 100 million+ monthly page views. To know more, read Sakal Media’s success story.

As a news publisher, your newsroom isn’t just churning out stories. It is where your brand’s future is being made. Regardless of the size, running your newsroom efficiently is how you thrive in the futuristic, digital-first era of newsroom growth. 

This is why today, a top-notch news CMS with advanced capabilities is an industry-standard rather than an option. 

Schedule a demo today to see how Quintype’s news CMS can improve your newsroom efficiency!