In the news/media publishing biz, Quintype edges out WordPress

In the news/media publishing biz, Quintype edges out WordPress

WordPress’ market share is 43% of all websites. This already stupendous number goes up to 65% if you look at the adoption of WordPress’ Content Management System or CMS, that is for websites with a known CMS. That’s a very big number, yes. Therefore, WordPress or WP as it is known, is the world’s most popular website hosting platform and CMS. 

WP offers a host of plugins that allow you to do everything from blogging to running an e-commerce store. Along the way, it has created benchmarks for these various services offered on the internet through their packaged solutions through their different subscription plans as per differences in usage and features as well as services offered. 

For news and media publishers busy growing their internet business, these credentials are enough of a clincher to adopt WordPress as their hosting platform and their CMS. But that is hardly the case. And this is because news/media publishers have unique needs that even the greatest CMS provider in the world cannot fulfil. 

This is where Quintype steps in. 

Quintype is a specialist News CMS. We’re an AI-powered digital newsroom growth platform working with more than 200 global news and media publishers. Our News CMS can help you digital transform your entire set of operations no matter what stage of digital adoption you’re at; help you build traffic and nurture engaged audiences through our AI-backed analytical capabilities, as well as ace distribution with easier and more convenient operations. 

Quintype is for you not just if you’re a growing news publisher but also if you are a media publisher, a blogger looking to scale, or a multi-user blogging or content production business. Especially if you’re subscribed to WordPress. 

We’re here to tell you exactly how Quintype > WordPress in the world of news and media publishing. 

Your news/media specialist: With our hyper-specialist News CMS, we manage more than a billion monthly pageviews for news publishers from around the world.

Our experiences with them give us access to insights and competencies that make us specialists in this field. Our CMS development, services, special offerings, and teams' 24/7 support reflect our depth of industry knowledge across the board, which you can easily access by being a Quintype subscriber. 

On the flip side, using a generic CMS exposes you to the risk of following the crowd, which may include people or businesses with little in common with your unique needs. This approach could mean missing out on opportunities to optimize for your niche.  

With Quintype, you start with the right system, tools, and approach. This enables you to propel your teams toward growth in the right direction from the outset.

Your content workflow management and audience engagement can seamlessly align, ensuring your teams are in sync from Day 1. Most importantly, you gain complete visibility over your operations, empowering you to lead your team towards an AI-powered future. 

Software with a source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance brings a variety of vulnerabilities that you, as a news/media publishing business, cannot afford since you’re already operating in the limelight. 

There’s yet another challenge of working with a system that is so open it needs to work with everyone: compatibility issues. Exactly because it must work with everyone, it is often incompatible with solutions designed to cater to a few. Think Android vs Apple here for example. Think what you’d choose for the highest levels of security; less said the better. 

At Quintype, our customizations are developed with the unique needs of our news/media publishing users in mind. For subscribers with evolving needs, further customization is always on offer, along with tech support that is highly ready. 

Note: At Quintype, we are HTTPS:// by default, while WP requires you to constantly upgrade security patches, requiring continuous monitoring and maintenance to ward off security risks

Plugins included: A common challenge with WP adoption is zeroing in on the right set of plugins to enhance the features of its generic CMS. Once you do, you must ensure they’re updated constantly.

Plugins for WP are developed by private players under the influence of market forces. This means their suitability may not always reflect the reality of your business. 

At Quintype, we build our plugins as part of the solution. Our software is made robust by including these software extensions as in-built features. We offer customization based on the unique needs of your business.

By comparison, in the WP marketplace, any such extension that is business-critical to you is also available to your rival. Your tech leadership might look into this when factoring in the total cost of ownership for your digital assets. 

We’re CDN-ready: We’re happy to let you know that Quintype users don’t even have to think about these three words—Content Delivery Network, i.e. CDN. WP users, on the other hand, must set up their own through various plugins available for the task.  

For those who need more, CDN is a network of servers placed optimally around the globe that caches content near end users, improving load times and reducing costs.

The last two points are critical to business growth as a news and media publisher. It could mean reducing bounce rates, growing audience engagement, and much better overall performance. 

As a specialised news CMS, we understand the criticality of a CDN for our users. We know that it cannot be left to the imagination of market players. That’s why our system comes packaged with a CDN for immediate use. 

Total support, performance, and stability: Quintype gives you 24x7 enterprise support across the world, with our tech staff available to help you troubleshoot at the click of a button. WP users must rely on their own systems of support for specific use cases.  

At Quintype, we have also maintained a record 99.95% uptime throughout our journey, helping our users operate their business with strong assurance of being able to manage traffic volatility with ease and comfort. WP users may have to contend with lower stability in conditions that require them to manage high traffic. 

Quintype also continues to enable high scores on Google page speeds, thanks to the combined power of all our features, while publishers using WP have seen page performance dwindle with high traffic. 

Image Editing and Optimization

Publishers can use the image editor with Bold in several ways. To understand this, it’s important to know that our goal with Bold is that you, as a publisher, have to spend very little time away from it. We try to bring all tools onto your dashboard.

The Media Library is a central repository where users can deposit their image files. At present, Quintype does not support uploading video files. You can also embed videos from other sources into your stories. Image files uploaded here are available to all users who have permission to access them.

After uploading an image, you can click anywhere on it to define a focus point. This ensures that when an image gets cropped to different sizes on varying platforms like mobile, Facebook cover, Facebook post, homepage, etc., the set Focus Point of the image will always be in the viewport.

It will ensure that those embarrassing image crops do not happen. To remove the Focus Point applied to an image, click the Clear Focus Point button.

While uploading a new image to the media library, you can now extract the artist's information and the location where the image was taken on Bold. If an image doesn't have a location, you can mark the location on the map as required.

Another interesting feature is linking the user/author to an image. Clicking on a link to the user converts the text field to a dropdown where you can search for the user/author and save it to the link.

Now, access an image on the media library and find the usage of the image in various stories or the usage of an image multiple times in a story - all listed on the usage of an image multiple times in a story - all listed on the usage information tab. It lists 20 latest stories but loads more to find the first usage.

Now, manage the importation of a large number of image files by setting up an AWS S3 import into the Bold Media Gallery. This is useful for publishers with many images to import into Bold without having to log into Bold and manually upload the images.

The image caption and attribution can be extracted from the IPTC metadata of the image. This will require a one-time developer effort to set up the S3 sync between your S3 folder and Bold. All images can have a separate field called hyperlink enabled. This feature can be turned on in Settings > Configure > Features > Story Image Hyperlink. 

Bold provides an inbuilt image editing feature where editors can crop, resize, adjust brightness, apply filters, layer text etc. This helps editors carry out all necessary functions right from their dashboard without having to use or pay for another tool altogether. One can upload these altered images onto their media gallery for future reference as well.

Finally, costs: At Quintype, we manage the entire tech infrastructure for you so you can focus on your core function of writing quality content. We ensure that your website passes Core Web Vitals and your news website is accessible to users all the time.

With our no-code website builder, you can refresh your website layouts on the fly without any IT dependency.

We have seen downtime impact newsroom growth among WP users. While WP per se is free, you have to manage the hosting, maintenance and development, optimization, CDN, and other tech and will either have an in-house tech team or outsource to agencies to manage it for you.

Convinced to switch to Quintype. Let's take the first step with a personalised walkthrough of our platform.