6X Faster and 75% Cheaper: Quintype Leads AI Innovation in Publishing

6X Faster and 75% Cheaper: Quintype Leads AI Innovation in Publishing

You may brainstorm ideas to incorporate AI into your daily operations to eliminate repetitive, mundane tasks. Let me consider your options.

  • Building custom AI tools requires time and cost; you cannot do A/B testing with a news release.

  • Integrating a third-party AI tool can create technical glitches, which may, in turn, affect your peace of work.

  • The best option is migrating to a CMS with all the inbuilt AI tools, which help eliminate mundane tasks and allow you to concentrate on the content creation process.

Let's resolve your confusions in the best practical way possible.

Are you Confused About the AI Newsroom Explosion?

As you know, basic AI features are ubiquitous and free, but editors and reporters find relying on basic AI for daily tasks impractical due to its limited efficiency and accuracy. Developing custom AI tools or integrating third-party AI systems is expensive, as vendors exploit this demand.

Quintype addressed this challenge by introducing SAGE AI into the platform. SAGE has quickly become a success among our clients. With our latest update, We have made SAGE AI accessible to publishers across all segments with increased speed and reduced costs. It enables more publisher to integrate AI capabilities into their daily workflows.

In technology, "SAGE" typically refers to intelligent, adaptive, and advanced software or systems. Quintype's SAGE AI embodies these qualities, offering in-built AI tools designed to optimize functions within the BOLD—Quintype's CMS.

This article delves into the latest SAGE AI update, highlighting its 6X faster performance and 75% cost reduction. The article also covers SAGE AI's 'wisdom' in operations, how it assists publishers.

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6X Faster and 75% Cheaper: Quintype Leads AI Innovation in Publishing

What are the SAGE AI Features?

SAGE has numerous tools that assist digital publishing platforms in automating repetitive, routine tasks. The primary aim of SAGE is to speed up the newsroom operation without sacrificing quality.

By automating routine tasks, publishers can concentrate on crafting the best stories without delay. This is a major milestone that Quintype has taken toward AI newsroom innovation for online publishing.

Quintype's BOLD is one of the top newsroom CMSs that has introduced various AI tools in the CMS for digital publications. Our AI features are mainly categorized into two

  • Content enhancement features 

  • Content translation features

Content enhancement features assist newsrooms in creating content tailored to the audience's preferences. They also help improve content quality and speed up the newsroom tasks. Content translation enables you to publish your story in vernacular languages with a single click.

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SAGE Generative AI features for Content Enhancement

Generative AI features are designed keeping all the newsroom operations in mind. Content creation and curation, cost efficiency, content distribution, and optimization. Quintype offers the following features to help editors create digital content.

Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools can transform simple statements into meaningful sentences, enhancing content quality without losing its essence. This ensures high-quality digital content that resonates with the audience.

This tool speed up content creation, allowing journalists to produce more articles in less time. If you want to publish breaking news in seconds, use a paraphrasing tool.


AI-driven SEO capabilities assist in optimizing content for search engines. Newsrooms are concerned about visibility. Optimizing articles for search engines is crucial to ensuring visibility during a high-traffic event, such as an election night.

Our AI SEO tools help your stories or articles stand out in search results and attract more readers to digital publishing platforms. Generating meta titles, meta descriptions, and social media descriptions in a single click. We will offer four options for each, and the writer can select their preferred choice. You can also modify the options after selecting them.

When publishing multiple articles about a fast-evolving story, such as a political scandal, quickly creating engaging meta titles and descriptions is essential for effective content marketing. BOLD CMS's AI tools automate this, ensuring each article has optimized meta information to attract clicks.

Push Notification

Push notifications are another savior for online publishing platforms. In situations like a sudden market crash, immediate dissemination of updates is crucial. You can generate push notifications in single click with our generative AI features.

BOLD CMS can send push notifications to inform readers in real-time, maintaining high user engagement on these platforms. Push notifications reduce the need for manual notification processes, lowering operational costs.

Story Headlines

Are you stuck generating a catchy headline? Just click on the left side of BOLD interface to generate or rewrite headlines for stories. You will get variety of headline options upon clicking. SAGE AI can generate and rewrite titles and sub titles for your article with a single click.


SAGE AI has built-in summarising tools that can summarize lengthy articles into concise points. With this, you can generate concise summaries for long investigative pieces or complex financial reports to provide readers with quick insights.

Instant summaries are handy during high-stakes situations like annual budget announcements when readers need quick, comprehensive updates. By offering concise summaries of longer articles, the aim is to save time for both journalists and readers.

Content enhancement tools streamline newsroom operations and ensure that digital publishers can efficiently produce high-quality content, engage a wider audience, and optimize their digital publishing business models.

Content Translation Features

Ready to take your content global?

The Sage AI translation feature revolutionizes content accessibility by seamlessly converting stories into multiple languages. This transformative tool enables publishers to streamline workflows, facilitating multilingual content production.

By doing so, you are translating text and expanding your reach, engaging fresh audiences, and exploring new geographies. By leveraging this feature, publishers can effectively broaden their reach and enhance their global presence.

How does SAGE AI Work for the Customer? 

Quintype uses various third-party large language models and translation engines to deliver SAGE AI services ("SAGE AI Third Party Services"). These third-party services are integral to SAGE AI and are periodically updated by Quintype to ensure optimal performance.

Each customer will receive 500 monthly Sage tokens for the free use of SAGE AI. If you consume these tokens within a month, you can repurchase them from Quintype to use SAGE AI continuously. Customers can also set monthly limits on their token usage through the platform.

SAGE tokens help you leverage generative AI and translation capabilities within your BOLD CMS. The consumption of tokens depends on the content length, task, and language selected.

The content written in the article and the AI suggested text together are considered in the consumption of tokens for any AI assisted generation.

Introducing Blazing Speed and Savings for Content Enhancement

Quintype has rolled out an exciting new update with SAGE AI, revolutionizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of generative AI for content efficiency across different languages. The prices for tokens have reduced significantly across all the generative AI features specially in Arabic and Indic languages and also in Latin languages other than English, like Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish Etc.

Here's how it transforms the publishing process

  • English

    • Speed: Unchanged

    • Cost: Unchanged

  • Languages with English-like Alphabets (e.g., Finnish, French, German):

    • Speed: 6x faster

    • Cost: ~33% cheaper

  • Indic and Middle Eastern Languages (e.g., Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Persian, Urdu):

    • Speed: 6x faster

    • Cost: ~75% cheaper

This drastic improvement in speed and reduction in cost enables publishers to use Generative AI capabilities in non-english languages without a second thought.

It is one of the cheapest options for generative AI without speed or quality reductions. The ultimate aim of this update is to assist our clients in staying ahead of the competition without worrying about budget.

Starting June 2024, our customers will experience the remarkable benefits of generative AI operating at 6x faster speeds, enabling them to accomplish 4x more for the same amount of Sage tokens.

Want to Try SAGE AI?

We have options for you to try SAGE AI without asking your financial team. You can use the 14-day free trial to check how the BOLD CMS works. You can schedule a demo with our team to understand the capabilities in a live demo. Explore our resources to understand SAGE AI. We have crafted SAGE to make sure SAGE is your next best decision for your newsroom operations.