BLOX Digital Users Switching to Quintype for Digital Publishing Excellence

BLOX Digital Users Switching to Quintype for Digital Publishing Excellence

Have you ever felt trapped by your current CMS, and wished for something more dynamic and efficient?

It is often difficult for editors and team leaders to revisit strategic decisions once made, mainly when they affect work systems and processes, such as your CMS or the backend infrastructure. 

You might have a clear vision of what you want from your News CMS, but you find yourself in a state of stagnation. The prospect of change may seem daunting, but the real challenge lies in effectively communicating the necessity of this change. 

Organizations with strict hierarchies often have cumbersome internal decision-making processes, leading to a tendency to defer decisions. If the reason is a budget or top-end approval, it's better to spend money to make money. 

However, remaining tied to an outdated system can prove to be a burden in the long run. Those who have bravely made the switch have transitioned from BLOX CMS to the more advanced and efficient BOLD CMS. The reasons for this shift are numerous, and they all point to the undeniable benefits of BOLD CMS.

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BLOX Digital Users Switching to Quintype for Digital Publishing Excellence

The Little Things That Lead to Big Productivity Wins

Reliable systems are the backbone of digital growth. They help us scale outcomes and make healthy decisions. The backend infrastructure is a pillar for the newsroom that decides productivity and projection of your efforts. 

The CMS systems should be capable of adjusting and accommodating your increasing requirements, such as scalability, an influx of traffic, and the release of various types of content, including breaking news, zero-time resolution of technical glitches, workflow management, and AI capabilities.

Onboarding an innovative News CMS trumps every independent hack publisher's pursuit of refining their business models for better business growth outcomes. This is where Quintype stands out from other CMS solutions.

Quintype handled 8X traffic than usual seamlessly during elections
Quintype handled 8X traffic than usual seamlessly during elections

Quintype is the Ultimate Solution for Digital Publishers

Newsrooms worldwide are embracing AI and innovative solutions to deliver personalized content. Quintype moves ahead of the trend to create digital-first, future-ready newsrooms with robust technological infrastructure. 

Our content management system, web page builder, paywall management, mobile application developer, and engagement platform complete the newsroom infrastructure for our clients. Our AI-powered News CMS is robust and is the biggest leap your organization can take in a day toward digital transformation. 

While newsrooms combat technical issues and instability in other CMS solutions, Quintype is dedicated to providing additional offerings to our clients. CDO Magazine, a client among our 200+ publishers worldwide, has successfully transitioned from BLOX to Quintype.

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BLOX Digital Users Switching to Quintype for Digital Publishing Excellence

Why CDO Magazine has shifted from BLOX to Quintype?

CDO Magazine faced a lack of full-time support from BLOX and identified that the BLOX platform was insufficiently updated to fulfill their requirements. Consequently, they made the prudent decision to transition to the highly advanced Quintype CMS.

We were facing a lack of consistent and full-time assistance from BLOX CMS. We also recognized that the user interface was outdated for modern-day information consumption. Additionally, the backend content management interface did not align with modern user experience expectations.”

Abid Hussain Barlaskar @Managing Editor at CDO magazine

CDO Magazine is one of our clients who has adopted our platform to meet their requirements and thrive in the journey. Here, we explain the major features and benefits that make organizations such as CDO Magazine select Quintype over other platforms to overcome their challenges.

Don’t settle for less when you can get more value for less cost

The news industry or digital publishers are highly worried about AI adoption and implementing AI in the newsroom. Quintype is an AI-powered platform that offers inbuilt AI tools that assist you in eliminating mundane tasks and saving time and money.

Buying a CMS solution and integrating an outside AI technology is an arduous task, when you get an all-in-one solution for 50% less cost and more benefit, who says no to such an offer that provides future-ready digital first newsroom solutions?

A Comprehensive Guide to Select CMS For Your Newsroom.pdf

We don't just promise; we deliver 24x7 Support

At Quintype, our commitment to excellence goes beyond delivering top-tier newsroom CMS solutions. We offer  24/7 support, ensuring your operations run smoothly at all times. While our competitors fall short, we stand out with our round-the-clock availability in all time zones. 

Our expert technical team is always on standby, ready to resolve issues quickly before they impact your workflow.  your newsroom remains informed and operational, no matter the hour. With Quintype, you are never alone; we are always here to support your success.

Pen with speed, publish with haste: Intuitive Editorial Interface

Writing with Quintype is a seamless experience, designed to enhance your storytelling capabilities. Our cardified editor, diverse story elements, live story previews, and comprehensive version tracking ensure that every piece of content is crafted with precision.

Our mobile-friendly CMS empowers your team to break news instantly, whether it's photo stories, videos, or live blogs. Quintype supports a variety of content formats, including visual stories, short videos, listicles, and live events, enabling brands to create immersive storytelling experiences that deeply engage audiences and align with their personal preferences.

With Quintype's robust infrastructure, you can effortlessly reach a broader audience and tap into new markets, significantly boosting reader revenue. Our platform allows your editorial teams to provide critical input while your journalists report on the go. With Quintype, your newsroom truly fits in your pocket, ready to deliver compelling stories anytime, anywhere.

Code-free creation, stress-free innovation: No-code Website Builder

You are in the no-code era, where designing your own website is just a few clicks away with our intuitive no-code website and mobile application builder. Effortlessly launch your Native News App for iOS and Android using our pre-built framework, making the process seamless and stress-free.

Say goodbye to the complexities of hiring tech teams or agencies, and eliminate technical overhead, saving on additional costs. Our platform empowers you to monetize app engagement through strategically placed sponsored content and advertisements.

Additionally, our platform supports user logins and paywalls with bundle subscriptions, enabling you to generate revenue while delivering valuable content to your audience. With our innovative no-code solutions, you can simplify your workflow and maximize your reach.

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BLOX Digital Users Switching to Quintype for Digital Publishing Excellence

Harmonize, don't fragment: API Integrations

Our advanced integration capabilities ensure that your tech ecosystem works harmoniously, enhancing your workflow without any technical glitches.

We work closely with you to implement out-of-the-box solutions that align perfectly with your existing systems, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency. 

Quintype excels in this area, providing seamless integrations with over 100+ tools and platforms across content management, distribution, engagement, and monetization. With Quintype, you can confidently expand your tech stack, knowing that each component will operate seamlessly together.

Let AI take care of the tedious, while you tackle the exciting: Power of Generative AI

Quintype, embedded with AI, ensures your newsroom operates at peak performance and delivers exceptional results. Striking the perfect balance between human and artificial intelligence, our integrated AI tools are designed to enhance efficiency, automate mundane tasks, and boost your SEO presence.

Our latest advancements make SAGE AI to offer 6X faster and 75% more cost-effective for Indic and Middle Eastern languages, as well as 6X faster and 35% cheaper for English and similar languages. This unprecedented speed and affordability set us apart in the competitive market.

Quintype's AI capabilities offer your teams unmatched firepower to accelerate quality output with features like:

  • Paraphrasing Content

  • Auto-generating Metadata

  • Auto-language Translations

  • Intelligent Prompts

  • Recommendations & Intelligent Search

Explore our AI resources to learn about Quintype's additional offerings and witness these AI-driven editorial solutions in action. 

Say goodbye to outdated systems and hello to increased engagement, broader reach, and higher revenue. Ready to elevate your brand? Make the shift to Quintype today and watch your growth soar. Schedule a demo to transform your newsroom with Quintype today. Want to check BOLD? Get a 14 day free trail today.