Switch to Quintype: TownNews/Blox CMS users, here’s your checklist for change.

Switch to Quintype: TownNews/Blox CMS users, here’s your checklist for change.

Publishers who are TownNews/Blox CMS users, give yourself permission to move on. Change. You can do it.

It’s often hard as managers and team leaders to revisit strategic decisions once made, especially when they affect systems and processes at work. Your TownNews/Blox CMS, for instance. 

You probably have a whole list of things you want from your News CMS but you decide you’re probably stuck for the near future. 

Simply because, as hard as it would be to actually manoeuvre the change, it would be harder still to communicate the need for such a change. 

Securing a buy-in both from your higher-ups as well as your teams is quite a task, after all. Knowing human beings, we are resistant to change. Even when it’s for the better. 

Particularly in organisations with set hierarchies, the internal process of conversion and decision-making is so painful that kicking the can down the road is the best response we can muster. 

“Next quarter; next appraisal; next year” turns into a mantra. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Right? 

But, it’s exactly things like these that trip us up on our journey to greatness.

A bad system will beat a good person every time.

W. Edwards Deming

It’s the little things that matter

Good systems are a kind of safety net for thriving businesses. They help us scale productivity and healthy decision-making. 

They also have a positive effect on our behaviour since each time we interact with them, they reinforce healthy decision-making. 

It’s why in the digital age, onboarding a quality News CMS trumps every other independent hack publishers pursue to refine their business models for better business growth outcomes. 

One such client of ours, Sakal Media, has documented their journey "Reduced publishing TCO by 40%" to show how adopting Quintype gave them the single biggest boost across platforms. And they are not alone. We have many such stories to tell. 

Our News CMS is robust and is the biggest leap your organisation can take in a day towards digital transformation. Check out some of the most powerful features we provide that make us among the best News CMS providers in the industry. 

But that’s not all we’re doing here. What we’re giving you is a checklist for change. This is the mix of features that you won’t find in your TownNews/Blox CMS offering. These are strengths that your organisation can and should have even within the same budget, if not less. 

With Quintype, it’s 50% less cost.

Our checklist here works as a comparison chart that will smoothen your buy-in process and show your peers and your managers what you as an organisation are missing out. 

How your progress and growth are being blocked by a decision you once took. And how you’re probably paying twice the cost it should take. 

Clearly, it’s time for a change by overcoming the resistance.

The checklist for change

24x7 Support

24*7 support
24*7 support

At Quintype, we’re available to our clients round the clock. To address queries, fix bugs, take care of anything untoward and address it at the right time before it has lasting consequences. 

We’re available via chat and email; our escalation matrix is well drawn out and constantly updated. We keep you informed of any changes. 

Our AI chatbot sifts through all the interactions, escalating problems to our live agents who are available across different time zones, addressing complex queries and issues. 

Intuitive Editorial Interface

Writing on Quintype is smooth. We bring you a cardified editor, story elements, live story previews and version tracking. 

This, together with our mobile-friendly CMS, means your teams are on the ready to break news  - including photo stories, videos, and live blogs, as soon as it happens. 

It also means that your editorial teams are providing critical inputs on stories while your journalists are on the move. That’s your newsroom in a pocket. 

No-code Website Builder

Our News CMS lets you design a customisable front-end for your website using our expansive library of immersive, high-performance and mobile responsive layouts. 

You can use it to configure your logos, brand guidelines, fonts, and colours through a zero-coding environment. Keep it simple and effective and increase your speed to market.

No-code News App Builder

Effortlessly launch your Native News App for iOS & Android using our pre-built framework. Say goodbye to the need for hiring tech teams or agencies and eliminate any technical overhead, saving on additional costs and simplifying the process.

Monetise your app engagement by leveraging sponsored content and advertisements strategically placed throughout your app. The platform supports login and paywalls, allowing you to generate revenue while providing valuable content to your users.

API Integrations

So, you’ve invested a fortune in developing your tech stack as a publisher. Obviously, you want solutions you can smoothly integrate with it, without the loss of data or functionality or key features. 

Quintype does this effectively. We work with you on achieving out-of-the-box integrations with over 100+ tools and platforms across content management, distribution and engagement, and monetisation.

Power of Generative AI

Quintype embedded with AI gives your teams firepower that is matchless in its ability to accelerate quality output, with the following features:

  • Paraphrase Content

  • Auto-generate Metadata

  • Auto-language Translations

  • Intelligent Prompts

  • Recommendations & Intelligent search

Watch the video to see these AI-driven editorial solutions in action.

There you have it, then. To grow, we must evolve. And nothing says evolution more than the readiness to recognise the flaws of the system we’ve grown used to. Let the change begin