Now, bring the power of Generative AI to your digital newsroom with Quintype

Now, bring the power of Generative AI to your digital newsroom with Quintype

With the advent of generative AI this year, 2023 has seen an explosion of solutions powered by Generative AI. The latest technology has not only spawned a collection of new tools to create content but has also begun to revolutionise the way we work.

Generative AI, as the name suggests, has the ability to Generate unique content by synthesising large sets of data through models specially designed to create new content based on training data. It is different from Predictive AI which makes predictions based on data that already exists.  

It, therefore, has the power to exponentially scale content creation by training itself on large tracts of data to create unique content based on prompts aimed at a specific output. Generative AI applications such as ChatGPT, GitHub CoPilot, AlphaCode, Bard, Stable Diffusion, Synthesia, Midjourney and more have the imagination of creators using text, imagery, visualisation, and even videos.

And thus, Generative AI has taken the world of content creation by the storm, especially the news and media industry. The use of Generative AI is set to unleash a wave of productivity gains across the industry by helping to automate content creation to a large extent.

It will, as a result, also have a deep impact on people engaged in these jobs. Professionals who are savvy with the AI tools can hope to experience an incredible boost in their productivity and effectiveness at work. It will also enable them to test out newer ideas at scale, create drafts, portfolios, and eventually personalised content at scale.

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Now, bring the power of Generative AI to your digital newsroom with Quintype

Quintype - the preferred News CMS for many of the world's leading publishers, is now equipped with the power of generative AI to further transform your digital newsrooms into havens of productivity and effectiveness.

Quintype embedded with AI gives your teams firepower that is matchless in its ability to accelerate quality output, with the following features:

Paraphrase Content

Quintype's AI auto-generates comprehensive and high-quality and unique iterations based on simple input statements or ‘prompts’. It ensures consistency in the messaging while assuring basic quality with respect to grammar, structure, and syntax.

As a result, your writers, reports and journalists could do away with having to write stories or articles from scratch. Simple prompts containing basic information can be used to generate a quality first draft, ready for review and revision, saving precious time and attention.

Auto-generate Metadata

This AI feature in Quintype is adept at analysing context, writing patterns as well as styles to auto-generate suggestions for metadata, categorisations, push notification messages and more.

It is greatly useful for the digitally-savvy content creator who wants to create personalised messages for their audiences across various platforms and channels. This feature is also a boost for personalisation and audience engagement since it captures the style and nuances of the author’s writing. It helps journalists to save time by getting intelligent metadata suggestions and create content that is meant to be written and read by humans.

Auto-language Translations

With one click, Quintype's AI automatically translates the content on your news website from one language to any other language. It helps you save on precious bandwidth while providing your reader with a crucial service that is also digitally inclusive.

That’s not enough. The tool intelligently analyses the context and semantics of the original content to ensure that the translated version retains the intended meaning and tone in various languages.

 Intelligent Prompts

Your journalists and editors can now rely on the editorial expertise of AI to ask for suggestions on how to improve the text on hand with respect to various needs from the audience’s perspective. For example, it can rephrase the text in a specific tone; expand or condense it as per the required word limit; summarise or present the content in bullet points, and more.

The tool takes the heavy lifting out of copy work and helps to reduce errors by intelligently understanding the essence of the information that is to be retained.

Recommendations & Intelligent search

Quintype’s AI also delivers precise and meaningful search results through acute analyses of semantics. It is able to match the search query with the story’s context, thus arriving at the search intent.

It can also recommend relevant stories that perfectly matches the query's context, thus providing an enriching reading experience

Watch the video to see these AI-driven editorial solutions in action.

Ready for this AI revolution? Let's embark on this transformative journey to unlock the limitless potential of AI for your newsroom!