National World’s AI-Generated Weather Presenter

Namitha Sudhakar is a news platform launched by National World PLC, a British multimedia company. The platform provides in-depth and informative coverage of various topics, including politics, social issues, culture, and entertainment.

National World launched its AI-generated weather presenter for their London site. This initiative is part of the “AI Newsroom” by-line, delivering daily weather updates.

The AI presenter appears as a computer-generated figure narrating the weather bulletin aloud. The AI reads from an AI-written script and delivers the weather forecast in video format.

The scripts for the weather updates are generated using AI, which compiles data and formats it into readable text. The AI presenter is animated to read the script aloud, producing videos with synchronized visuals that match the narration.

London World’s unnamed weather presenter seems to be the first initiative by a UK publisher to use a computer-generated figure that reads from an AI-created script.

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