Organising newsroom for digital publishing

Organising newsroom for digital publishing

Get newsroom insights from Karjalainen and learn how you can evolve your newsroom strategies

In this session, we were able to celebrate a dynamic panel of - Jyrki Utriainen, Managing Editor at Sanomalehti Karjalainen Oy, Arttu Romo Technology Development Manager at Sanomalehti Karjalainen Oy and Tommi Heikkonen, Group CEO at Fiare. They shared insights on how to seamlessly transition from print to digital.

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Learn about Karjalainen's journey of transformation from print to digital. In this session, we discuss on how to organize newsrooms and how to arrive at the blueprint to achieve this. It dives into how Karjalainen is mastering their strategies and shifting focus to younger audience to keep up with the consumer trends in the industry today.

You can get a deep dive into Karjalainen's digital journey and how they approached the transformation. This can help print publishers navigate their won journey and utilise the benefits that come with digitization.

The session is designed for newsroom members, with insights that are action oriented. Are you curious about how you can evolve your newsroom today? Watch the session to understand!

What it takes to drive digital transformation in newsrooms

While the session has many invaluable insights, here is a short excerpt from the webinar.

Karjalainen discuss how they are witnessing a crowd that has access to the internet and smart devices. This helps communicate with a wider reader-base without any barrier. The cost of distribution is also immensely low to reach this scale of audience with a digital platform.

With their analytics, they’ve found that there are many digital-only subscribers and they find this promising. The digital platform is not exclusive and can be used by the older print subscribers however, they are excited to encourage the digital-first readership. This is the reason why they are actively focusing on creating content that will aid a digital-only subscriber base. While accepting that some part of their existing print subscribers will not shift, they do consistently encourage them to try their digital exclusive content without it being tricky.

Using digital media for dedicated tasks like maintaining archives, e-papers, e-collaborations has helped them navigate their print-only subscriber base to their digital resources. While there has been an obvious decline in print, the team doesn’t want to force a digital-only model on their readers. This is why you will see Karjalainen taking gradual steps to shift to a digital-first approach.

Digital transformation is not a possibility anymore - it is only a chance.
Pasi Koivurmaa, Editor in chief, Karjalainen

With the right technology and strategy, Karjalainen has been able to work in a way that their users appreciate. They have come up with their strategies through trial and error and constantly seek data to steer their in-house efforts. This has helped them take on this digital journey and enjoy the many benefits of it.

No publishing house has the same experience but by sharing, perhaps one can avoid making the same mistakes as others. Karjalainen's strategies have worked for them thus far but they're eager to learn about new technology trends and expand their efforts to have a true transformation that aids both the editorial team as well as the reader base.

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