Increase traffic by 6X in 180 days - Quintype and iZooto

Want to grow in digital publishing sphere? Hear it from our CEO

Looking for ways to grow your website traffic? At Quintype, we witness our clients grow every day. The digital publishing journey is one with immense scope, which is why there is a lot more engagement in the space.

How does one grow their traffic and manage their content goals? Thankfully, on the digital platform, editorial and revenue needs needn't be compromised. We realize publishers can find it difficult to observe patterns and learn from them, which is why we jumped in to help.

For this webinar, we've partnered with iZooto, an audience marketing platform that helps publishers engage better than ever, to aid publishers. Get deets from our CEO and learn about growing the right traffic for your website.

We'll continue with our efforts to help digital publishers with more collaborations.

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