Future proofing your newsrooms

Still wondering the difference between CDP and DMP? We got you
Future proofing your newsrooms

Wondering how you can improve your engagement strategies. Profile your audience with 360 degree insights from CDP and elevate engagement, monetize your paywalled content better. All of this and more on this webinar. On the panel, we have, John Haake, VP – Sales and Marketing at Leverage Lab and Chirdeep Shetty, CEO at Quintype.

Readers consume news in a variety of ways and meeting the needs of these blended-media readers while making a profit is always a challenge. To meet this demand, you need to be innovative and find ways to future-proof their news publishing business with the right strategies.

Quintype presents this webinar on “Future-Proofing your Newsrooms”, featuring John Haake, VP – Sales and Marketing at Leverage Lab and Chirdeep Shetty, CEO at Quintype, as panelists sharing some valuable insights on the topic.

The webinar touched various topics like how to handle a complicated newsroom workflow, getting the right audience engaged, approaching smartphone adoption right, using social media channel the right way for news consumption etc.

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