Core Web Vitals : Next steps for publishers

Core Web Vitals : Next steps for publishers

Curious what the core web vitals mean for your brand? Find out now!

The publishing space is constantly evolving. With more digital publishers coming to the field and with an increase in the netizen participation, it's important to keep in tune with the trends and updates that can impact traffic on the web.

Google's two part update about the web core vitals are out now. But what does this mean for your content and website?

We've got Ramalingam, Anish and Jeevan from Quintype to breakdown the core web vital updates from google. They discuss what this means for publishers today, what changes and what needs to be changed.

Watch this webinar to understand what the web core vitals mean for your website and how you can improve your page ranks and overall user experience.

Get the insights from our tech team and see what you can be doing behind the web to ensure that you've got google's gold points.

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