Building a super niche media with AFK Gaming

Building a super niche media with AFK Gaming

A webinar to help understand how to choose the right content genre and navigate niche media

We've got Ankit Dikshit, Founder and CEO of Meduit Labs, Nishant Patel,  Co-founder and CEO of AFK Gaming and Rakesh Ramchandran, Co-founder of AFK Gaming joining us on an exclusive webinar that will tackle every aspect of building a niche media asset. The three come together to discuss their personal journeys to understand niche media struggles and trends in digital publishing.

Dive in to listen to the journey of AFK Gaming and how the team came to create their gaming content website. While AFK gaming started from recognising a newer audience who seek authentic content from the gaming industry, it took years to figure out the flow that works for them and their audience. This is all explained in this webinar.

If you're looking into starting your own niche content website, here's a solid discussion you can benefit from. We've attached the recorded version of the webinar with this blog, kindly check it out to know more about niche media and everything you can learn from AFK's digital journey. Ofcourse you may have a different niche than gaming industry in mind but there's a lot of common ground here you could benefit from.

From choosing the right content genre to understanding the needs and preferences of your target audience to selecting the best technology stack, get ready to have your minds blown away with expert insights from these industry leaders.