Bold CMS : Enhancements

Bold CMS : Enhancements

As promised, we've updated our headless CMS to keep up with your strategies

At Quintype we have a large clientele of quality journalists who trust our tools and products to help them achieve their goals. This is why we're constantly updating and upgrading our products.

Bold, our headless CMS, is built to ensure that the editorial teams don't have any trouble maintaining a workflow and publishing content. Our clients can enjoy all the industry approved features while we do the technical heavy-lifting.

In our effort to cater to our clients, we've been taking feedback and using it to add new features that will benefit our clientele. Curious to learn what these updates have been? Watch this exclusive webinar to learn all about our latest updates and how you can benefit from them.

Impressed yet? Schedule a demo with us today to learn more about how Bold can help you revamp your digital presence and more about our suite of products. With Quintype, you never have to worry about a stagnation!