Webinar: Analytics For Data Driven Publishing
Webinar: Analytics For Data Driven Publishing

Analytics For Data Driven Publishing

We have a deeply insightful webinar with Ritu Kumar looking at how the Quint makes use of analytics.

At Quintype, we’re constantly learning and understanding the media industry. With new trends coming in the digital media industry constantly, it’s important to us to highlight key points and focus on how we can better aid our clients. Our webinar series continues to shed light on the journalism industry and this time around, we have Ritu Kumar, from the Quint along with Rashmi Mittal. Both discuss the ways in which The Quint, India’s first independent digital media house, navigates publishing through analytics.

We encourage you to watch the entire webinar as it has some very insightful learnings from Ritu. Here are a few things we get a sneak peak into. The Quint looks into analytics with more content and their ads, this could be display ads and branded content. They’re increasingly shifting from pageviews to unique visitors. Narrowing down to metrics of engagement.

As for social media, Ritu talked about how they’ve been gauging each platform differently. For instance how facebook views may be a result of the feed and youtube, being a search and social platform could be more targeted. This could mean that the first 5 mins may be crucial in a video created for facebook while one for youtube could be longer. We look deeper into understanding the difference between user behavior on different social platforms.

For Quint, 40% of the audience could have come from social media this month while in the next month it could be search-based. It’s cyclical. This is why they prioritize the degree of engagement. Does this sound like something you’ve also observed with your media house?

We also looked into how much analytics feeds into the everyday workings of the editorial team and content. The Quint does not let the day to day analytics affect their workflow. Ritu emphasizes that they rather focus on bigger, wider trends.

It’s metrics following content rather than it being the other way around.
Ritu Kapur

Consumer behavior has changed significantly, taking the example of short videos, a trend after that massive success of TikTok, Quint focuses on how to use a trend to their advantage. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon, they use these short video trends to then tease their audience onto their main story. They’ve also observed how there is increasing content fatigue when they follow the same content format for longer periods of time. This is why they’re constantly refreshing their content approach.

Ritu encourages publishers to look into metrics and learn but not be blindly led by it. The audience is trying to tell you something, wait for their demand to be clearly understood. The reason as to why the audience opted for your story rather than other similar content. The Quint focuses on bounce rates and scroll depths to understand this better. They focus on ensuring that the story is engaging on every level.

What you need to be learning from analytics is what you can be doing better. Not what you could be doing more of. The audience is no longer looking for more. Understanding why they like what they like and what you should be mindful of.
Ritu kapur

Check the webinar to get exclusive insights from one of India’s most successful digital publishers. We look into more details, how Bloomberg Quint gets more conversions through their in-depth stories, focusing on user journey, and how analytics has helped them increase page views.

Stayed tuned for many more resourceful webinars from Quintype. We’re excited to bring you conversations and experts from all over the world. Let us know if you were able to relate to The Quint’s approach to analytics.