Image CDN
Image CDN

Why Is Image CDN a must for media publishers?

Looking into Image CDN benefits for publishers.

A CDN is a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to promote fast delivery of digital content. It helps to transfer content which include - images, videos, stylesheets, HTML pages, etc. CDN is being used by many mainstream media companies, the main web traffic is served through these CDNs.

So what does an Image CDN do? It uses an image URL to indicate optimization options such as - format, size and quality, responsiveness Intuitive image API, which image to load, etc.

Here’s an easy way to understand how an image CDN works. You simply upload an image onto the cloud, it optimizes your images for the best results and automatically adapts the image for the receiver’s device. You can upload as many pictures as needed, with high resolution as they are stored in the cloud. The image gets optimized to whichever device requests is which helps save time and aid efficiency.

Image CDN for media publishers

Here are a few reasons why media publishers should definitely consider an image CDN.

CDN for Media Publishers
CDN for Media Publishers

Helps improve loading time

Since the image CDN optimizes the image, it helps resize and reduce file weight which benefits in lower loading time. Image CDNS can compress images in real time, you can get the smallest file size available without giving up on the quality and your readers get to view your image content in a blink!

Improve your core web vitals

With an image CDN you can score better on the Pagespeed insights which will enable you to improve your core web vitals. Issues such as - caching policy, encoding, responsiveness, lazy loading, image size - can all be avoided easily by adapting to image CDNs.

Rank better

As the image CDN improves your page speed, it will inevitably increase your website’s performance thereby helping you rank higher on search engines. You can also provide mobile-friendly content, safe browsing and avoid image descriptions.

Reducing bandwidth cost

A common concern with high resolution images is that they’re big files which ends up in a useless use of bandwidth. While using an image CDN the code helps every reader to get proper image based on the size of their device of consumption. The identification of devices helps reduce bandwidth without costing you user experience.

Better conversions

Faster page load time on devices has another advantage - quicker conversions. If your website is fast, users are likely to bounce and more users will make it to subscription. They stay longer on your website and engage more. Google states that decreasing load time on smartphones can improve conversion rates by 10%.

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