Role of AI generated news in digital publishing

Role of AI generated news in digital publishing

Let's look into AI in newsrooms today

Isn’t AI everywhere now? From Netflix telling you what you should watch next to Spotify giving you curated playlists, AI is our daily buddy now. There’s so much around us that is a result of machine learning. It’s no surprise that we can now use AI in our newsrooms. Although we cannot completely replace good old storytelling through AI, it can take care of a lot of things for us. The goal of using AI in newsrooms is to reduce the workload for journalists by taking care of the simpler tasks through the use of AI. Let’s look at the role of AI in the news today.

  1. Making videos is easy now

We have AI today that helps you make your very own videos. Video communication is at the forefront today. Everyone is trying to get a video out every day. This is where AI steps in. You can use tools like ELAi, wherein you can add the text you want to include and the AI takes care of it. You get access to a video that includes all the textual information without having to work at it!

This helps you make quick and easy videos without having to bother your video producer. This is a great solution for faster social media messaging and more!

  1. Voice overs

It’s important today to be able to react to breaking news stories quickly. With AI, you can create avatars that could be animated to have your voice over to come up with a news story in a beat. You no longer need to gather the whole team, come up with the production for smaller stories like reacting to stories, explaining trends, commenting on quotes etc. This can be revolutionary as more people can focus on producing well crafted stories and video productions without having daily video snippet demands slow them down.

  1. Multilingual support

AI tools also help you expand your reach. Let’s say you have a story that holds global impact or a study that pans across the globe, an AI tool would save you from the hassle of having to translate it manually. You can produce stories after stories and let the AI translate it for you.

Of course you’d have to run it by a professional but editing won’t take as much time. It’s important to learn to dance along with AI and to make use of it whenever possible. This could expand reach and also localize stories.

Impact of automated journalism

Many publishers are adapting to this trend of using AI in newsrooms also addressed as automated journalism. Cyborg is another example of AI in newsrooms - one that turns financial reports into news stories. AI has been proving useful in newsrooms but it’s safe to say that we can’t expect them to take over the charm of authentic stories written by people. AI generated content is great to keep the repetitive tasks away but for stories that require analysis - the old fashioned way is the classic approach. It’s also important to note that you need to give clear and concise commands to your AI tool to ensure maximum benefit.