One-page vs. Multi-page website

One-page vs. Multi-page website

Both website types have multiple pros and cons. Know which website type you should choose for your business.

Written by : Rashmi Singh

Creating a website is the first step in establishing your business online. But as soon you decide to create a website, a question arises: should you make a one-page website, or should you go with a multi-page website? This guide will help you get the answer. 

Most of the websites on the internet are multi-page websites which clearly depicts that they must have a lot of benefits. That being said, one-page websites are also gaining a lot of traction these days as internet users want desired information as quickly as possible. 

Down below, we have discussed the pros and cons of creating a one-page website and a multi-page website to help you make the right decision. 

One-page Website

A one-page website, as its name says, is the type of website that has all the information on one page. The main domain of the website holds its only page. 

Pros of One-page Website

  • In the information age, many internet users feel overwhelmed by the content bombarded on them. As a result, they tend to prefer succinct content that is easy to navigate. And a one-page website is the best for such users.

  • A one-page website provides ease not just to the user but also to the creator. If you choose the right website builder, creating and editing a one-page website becomes quite easy. On top of that, one-page websites do not cost much to build. 

  • Since users get their desired information quickly, user engagement on one-page websites is generally quite high. If you place a Call To Action (CTA) button in the right place, you might get a high conversion rate. 

Cons of One-page Website

  • A one-page website can have multiple sections such as the hero section, about, services or products, FAQ, etc. If not executed well, the website might look like a cluster of different things on a single page. 

  • A one-page website can work well only if you offer one or two services or products. If you want to offer anything more than that, a single page can not hold the content well. 

  • Since one-page websites do not have much content, it is hard to optimize them for search engine rankings

Multi-page Website

Multi-page websites are those websites that have different types of pages such as a home page, about page, service pages, blog pages, etc. 

Pros of Multi-page Website

  • A multi-page website can be scaled up to any level. You can have hundreds of thousands and even millions of pages on your website. With proper categorization, a user can reach any of the pages within a few clicks. 

  • With more content, multi-page websites give you more data and insights. You can easily check various engagement metrics of individual pages to know what is working and what is not. 

  • Multi-page websites are good for SEO as each page can be optimized around a different keyword. Instead of reaching a generic homepage, your users will reach a targeted page that is ranked on the search result page. 

Cons of Multi-page Website

  • Compared to a one-page website, a multi-page website costs more to build and run. However, this cost can be cut to a minimal level if you choose the right set of tools. 

  • Segregating all pages under the right category can be a little cumbersome task if you have to create multiple pages every day. Again, this task can be done with the help of the right set of tools. 

One-page vs. Multi-page Website: Which One to Choose

We have mentioned all the possible pros and cons of choosing either design type. If you need more help, here is a rule of thumb to help you make the decision: if you offer only a small number of services or products, you can think of creating a one-page website; anything other than that requires a multi-page website. 

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