How to pick the right niche

How to pick the right niche

Finding the right niche as a publisher or subject expert in today's digital media environment

Picking the wrong niche will be like  stepping down when you want to head upstairs - an easy fail. You need to ensure that whatever segment you’re diving into is the most defined and well suited for your capabilities and intentions. It’s similar to choosing a book really, once you know the exact genre and tropes, nothing stops you from finding a realm of books that suit your taste every time! Now picture the same for your content goals. Let’s say you’re confused and aren’t very certain. Start by narrowing down your general subject. Is it cooking? Gaming? Or even UFO content! Once you’ve got the broader theme in mind, you can begin narrowing it down. You could look into vegan cooking, pro-gaming, or…whatever UFO folks are writing about. 

The point is, picking the right niche is important and this can be difficult. This is why we’ve come up with a listicle to help you through this process. 

  1. Too broad vs Too narrow 

You guessed it, the first issue is keeping your niche too broad or too narrow. For starters, look into your market research. Get a sense of your industry. Once you’ve set in, find out what niches already exist in the industry. This will help you get an idea about the content reach and approach. Remember that you must keep your extended goal in mind while choosing your niche. You can always branch out and cover more topics but it’ll be harder to narrow down once you start big. The more specific and unique your niche is, the easier it would be to find the right audience for your content. 

  1. Have a master content idea 

When dealing with a niche, it’s important to not only be an expert in the field but also constantly update yourself with any new or relevant information. This is also true for when you find titles that you think would add value to your content process. While selecting a niche, come up with a content theme list. These could involve broader ideas and specific topics that will help you in the future to create content. This also helps you navigate if you’ve chosen a niche that is too narrow. The idea is to be as thorough with your research as possible. 

  1. What’s the competition looking like? 

If there’s already a cooking website out there that does around the same topics you do, your chances of thriving do come down significantly. However, there might not be too many websites doing a vegan, south-indian, paleo diet website. This is simply an example to state that if you find the right niche, you’ll find and entice an audience that will be dedicated to you. Look into your competition and see what they’re missing - thrive on it!

  1. What do you bring? 

To be able to thrive in a niche community you need a few qualities. 

  • Expertise

  • Authoritativeness

  • Trustworthiness

These are qualities that readers would have to associate with you or the reader to connect with the content in a meaningful way. It’s okay to start at a point but remember that your goal is to continue this content effort, you will therefore become an expert in the field. Ensure your niche is developed enough to give you that scope of growth.  

  1. Subject that is evergreen

It’s important to pick an umbrella topic rather than a specific event. This goes with our first point. You need a subject that is going to be relevant forever. Otherwise you’ll lose your relevance real quick. Don’t pick seasonally trendy topics either. You need a topic that will ensure steady readership throughout your publishing journey. For instance if you take a blog for F1 races, chances are you’ll see a periodic readership. Instead, if you did movie reviews, there would be a niche that comes to your content more regularly as it isn't dependent on time. 


We understand that finding the right niche takes time. However if you’re an expert waiting to just jump into your niche, we urge you to go through this blog and find out if your niche is broad enough for scalability. Niche media is gaining increasing popularity today as people are looking for capsule content and providers who cater to a specific subject. In the age of internet, no niche is too niche. Find an audience that suits you and develop content for them. We also urge you to remain patient in your endeavors as it may take time for you publishing efforts, like most, to take effect. You can always adopt a solution like ours to accelerate things of course. If you’re curious to start your journey, click here and we’ll help you get there!