How can tech support quality journalism

How can tech support quality journalism

The role of technology in quality journalism today

As we live and thrive in the digital age, technology determines much more than it ever did before. Every digital venture depends largely on technical advancements and this has created a rather competitive industry. The technology players are constantly coding and coming up with services that are more efficient, have better features and caters to the intended audience. 

Ofcourse the constant evolution of the internet has proven this difficult as people can never fully understand when a new trend is going to pop out. We try to depend on the predictability and trends to offer solutions that would bring the most meaning. 

Tech support in journalism 


A constant struggle we’re having at this point is trusting our news sources. Even the digital report has mentioned time and again the upsurge in fake news through the recent years has gotten much worse. Technology can help bridge this newfound gap. 

There are many tools available today to help verify news. We’re a long way from attaining completely true news stories however having the right tools and access to the same can help fix the problem at the source. Newsrooms can use such tools to fix any errors before publishing. This also helps maintain the authenticity of stories and the brand overall. 

User experience

Technology can help improve user experience for readers. Technology developed for publishers can help by making a simpler UI which empowers even those in the editorial team. The advancement of technology should help make technology accessible to even the most common of users. 

This means helping readers get the best experience online possible. It’s the smaller details that would add up here. Even features like dark mode, font customization, or auto-audio would make a huge difference in the user experience and thereby the very perception of your website. 

Tech stacks 

The very technology to set up a newsroom and distribute content can change the way journalism works. Technology that enables journalists to have a better workflow will easily contribute to improving the quality of stories. 

  • Effective reviewing process, 

  • SEO scores/analysis 

  • Metered Monetization 

  • Audience engagement

  • Access restrictions for safety

  • Live preview 

  • Live and direct coverage 

  • Mobile CMS 

  • Central CMS for clarity 

  • Easy interface 


Technology has grown into an everyday element and it continues to grow as the human needs evolve. Quality journalism doesn't entirely lean on technology however there's a lot the later can contribute. The press has always played an important role in any economy or political environment. It's what carries forward communities.

As journalists continue to cover daring stories and seek truth, it can't be expected of them to also learn all about technology and be one with it. This is why tech experts or developers must come up with products that are not only focused on providing readers a quality experience but also cater to the people using them. And the users of these products are editorial team members who focus on honing their skills in writing. Therefore, whatever software you're creating must work for them, it should bridge their everyday gaps. With technology at their disposal, journalists can focus on creating quality journalism.