Guide to Interactive content marketing

Guide to Interactive content marketing

There has been a shift in marketing due to the evolution of technology. Creating more interactive content has helped in many ways. Let’s look at what this means and how it could benefit you.

What is interactive content ?


A lot of messaging goes around today and most of this is trying to convey a simple message. As interactive content marketing is on the rise, users can now do much more than simply stare at content. They can get involved with it, engage in a more meaningful way. This could mean taking a survey or submitting a unique entry. Interactive content is designed to evoke engagement with the messaging. There are prompts that help readers engage or often educate/entertain them. More engagement means more active viewers, who’ve taken the extra time to interact with your content thereby having better retention, more brand awareness and eventually more sales.  

Why is it important?

Simple messaging is no longer relevant. It doesn’t hold the attention of the readers. A lot of netizens also browse through the web very passively. Consumers today prefer a collaborative approach where their feedback is valued along with their participation. There’s a sense that one can submit their feedback and there will be an action taken on the matter. The need to be heard is a powerful tool. Interactive content marketing demands the undivided attention of the audience. Traditional advertising has changed with the growth in the digital sector. 

The Future of Marketing : Interactive Content

We find new marketing strategies shoot up and are often named “revolutionary.” It’s important to understand that it is always going to be a dynamic space, a new strategy is going to work every year, marketing is always going to change to evolve for the audience. 

Another deciding factor in this is the state of technology. You may have seen those 3D hyper realistic ad banners - this is a typical example of how you must create content to fit this advancement in technology. The advancement in voice recognition alone has led to a shift from text only content to audio formats. This has transformed how we search as well, which has forced a development in SEO technology as well. 

Interactive content makes up to five times more page views (LinkedIn), suggesting that interactive content marketing will now be used heavily by all companies and brands. 

The value of interactive content marketing is obvious, and embedding content like this into your overall strategy will help you yield immediate results.

Types of interactive content : 

  • Interactive Quizzes

  • Interactive Web pages

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Targeted Ads

  • Conducting focus groups

  • Using QR codes on print advertising materials

  • Displaying your social media handles in offline environments

  • Making Recommendations to the Customer with Bots

  • Through Polls and Surveys 

Benefits of Interactive Content Marketing

  1. Educate and Inform Your Audience

In content marketing, the goal is to publish content that engages, informs and inspires the target audience. Delivering the content requires having a well crafted content, market research and proper insights on performance and user experience. While you can have paragraphs running about information, your audience would respond better of thrown a question - remember to provoke them to think and engage actively. 

You need to give your audience content that they actually value and will drive them to spend more time on your website. This can be done through interactive content as it helps learn through participation, ensuring better retention of information and overall experience. The longer you have your audience engaged, the more likely they are to commit to your content. 

  1. Better Sales Conversions 

Marketing is most successful when content that is put out there by you, is one that the audience readily shares with their social circle. The impact of sharing is extremely important, the more relevant you are in a social circle, the more subscribers you can gain. 

Interactive content helps you increase your conversions as you’re no longer a static website that throws information onto their audience. With interaction you break the monotony and involve audiences - this leads to engage with your content on a deeper level, sharing them with their peers and helping you better your conversions.

  1. Brand Exposure, Brand Loyalty

While traditionally we look at promoting a specific product/service, our messaging turns out to be more obvious. With interactive content, you’re always gaining information about your audience. There’s a survey or poll added which helps you understand your audience so you can promote products/services in a way that will be beneficial to them. This is more broad and focused on creating lasting relationship with one’s audience while also creating messages that would add value.