Google’s Helpful Content Update

Google’s Helpful Content Update

Brief look into what Google’s new helpful content is and what is means for content creators around the world

In typical Google fashion, it has rolled out another update in August of 2022 wherein it signals the importance of optimizing quality guidelines. The roll out started on 24th August and it seeks to reward content that provides better “help” to the users. The update, as are all updates by google, is designed to ensure that Google’s massive user base gets rewarded by content that is most helpful. Google is a huge search engine and one that is extremely popular for its reach. As any big system, it needs to take steps to self regulate in order to ensure that the users’ demands are met. As there are heaps of content available on the internet, it’s important for Google to rank search results in a way that is more suitable for the query presented by the user. This helps improve user experience and thereby helps Google cater to its audience.

The update will reward content that is created for readers, is original and provides helpful relevant information.

This means that the update will not look great for content that have more unsatisfying or unhelpful content. This is especially true for content that is created simply for search ranking rather than the audience. 

This update will impact all pages unlike the product review update. It intends to improve search results for audiences and encourages content creators to change their focus from SEO scores to targeting readers. The impact of this will be seen with time and one can hope to have a search experience that filters the content for you. 

Content written by real people, for real people will be rewarded.

How does it work?

Google’s algorithms will filter content based on its relevance and “helpfulness”. This largely depends on whether or not the content answers to the search queries of the audience. Content that answers the most questions on the topic will be pushed higher over the others. It will also fetch the low value adding content and pull it further down the ranks. It’s important for content creators to create content that serves the readers and not be focused on ranking only. It’s also important to be able to back up your content with research and data. 

Moving forward

As publishers/content creators, it can be difficult to navigate your journey after each core update. It all boils down to simple things - write for your reader and focus on the quality of your content. Authentic, original content is always rewarded. It’s also important to note that changes in ranking post-update are not going to be constant. You can observe how rankings change and tailor your content accordingly. Here are a few pointers that might help you. 

  • Don’t lose track of your target audience 

  • There’s no need to sound like everyone else, stay true to your brand

  • Have content that is specific and narrows down

  • Do not use automated content only to produce content faster

  • Focus on adding value to your content

  • Provide any evidence/experience you have on the subject