Best Headless CMS for your website

Best Headless CMS for your website

Hunting for the best headless CMS in the industry today? Look no further

Building a website can be tricky. Maintaining it, adding content, updating the software...the list is endless. Unless you're an enterprise publisher or someone who just happens to have a dedicated tech team sworn to building you a solution that is fool proof - chances are you're looking for a SaaS remedy. Once you've got your website ready, you need a CMS to manage content that goes on your website. You need integrations, ability to distribute, give access controls and more.

You need a headless CMS for simple reasons. A headless or front-end-less CMS allows you the flexibility to make innumerable changes to your front-end. The separation creates two layers that can now be treated individually, making both the front and back-end more flexible.

Here are all the reasons why Bold is the right headless CMS for your website.

Bold - the best CMS for your website

  • Security

    The CMS you invest into should give you the security you’re looking for. A little research and a couple of demos can help you understand what your best options are. It has become easy to gain access to your content and users’ data. This is precisely why you should consider using CMSs that offer two-factor authentication and protection against DDoS attacks. (Bold obviously does both and more).

  • Multilingual Functionality

    The Internet has helped you go global, but don’t let English limit you. Having to use a translator can get cumbersome very quickly. This CMS helps you publish content in multilingual capacities, which widens your audience and range.

  • Content Distribution

    You could always have a dedicated team that can maintain strong engagement with readers while ensuring the content is omnichannel. But what if you got your CMS to do that for you? Consider Bold headless CMS to achieve this.

  • Seamless Integrations

    You want to give your readers the best experience on your site/app. Does your CMS automatically convert content to shareable twitter cards or if it pops up different channels to share them on. With easy integrations, you can amplify the effectiveness of your CMS and allow your users to have content that works for them. Virality is crucial in digital media.

  • Customer Support

    You need a solution that doesn’t let off without a parachute. Look at the reviews and seek an open front about the degree of support you'll get post onboarding the platform. Visit the website and check our multiple case studies to learn how we can cater to your specific needs.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Do you have a team dedicated to ensure that the page title, meta-data, URL, alt-tags, etc are all in place? This is crucial as it decides if your news visibility to a larger audience. Therefore, it is mandatory to get a CMS like Bold, that is SEO friendly.

  • Responsive Mobile

    The biggest red flag for a CMS today is if it isn't mobile friendly. It’s about all the user experience after all. You need a CMS that uses the technology CSS3 and preserves the look and feel of the website across all the devices with responsive designs.

  • Ease of use

    If your CMS isn't making work easy, then it's not working out. You want a CMS that makes it easy for you to create and edit content that goes on your website. Having an easy drag and drop interface, so you can add different elements on your pages. It should be smooth, quick and navigable for you to work around with the content on your site after publishing it.

  • Data portability

    The right CMS platform will come loaded with tools that help you export your data elsewhere. Why would it hold you back? For instance, you may eventually decide to choose a different platform or a different hosting company. Data portability would make it easier for you to move around with complete freedom, no matter how great the platform sounds, watch out for portability!

Here is why Bold stands out!

  1. Bold is a headless CMS

Bold CMS comes without a front end system. This helps publishers upgrade to a better platform without having to change their front end system. Why should you have it? A headless CMS would help you create and distribute content to multiple platforms. Bold integrates with any other third party solutions you’d be interested in. At it’s core, it is a powerful CMS that caters to a wide range of publishers from across the globe to help them achieve the traffic they have the potential for.

  1. Bold is secure

Worried about your site’s security? Digital media has been known to have notorious safety issues. With Bold, you trust Quintype technologies to take care of your site’s safety. Say goodbye to DDOS attacks. Publish content without holding back!

  1. Bold isn’t afraid of sudden peaks in traffic

Have you had to witness your website crashing because of an unexpected peak in traffic? Well, no more! With Bold, you can maintain your content flow and our team ensures that your website stays quick and healthy even during unpredictable traffic rises.

  1. The Workflow is ideal

Do you have a small team? Are you growing? Or are you a large scale publisher in the lookout for a platform that can handle your content demands? Well, Bold caters to all kinds of publishers. The workflow helps small, growing and large teams to track the progress of their content.

  1. Content will never be grey

Bold helps you choose from a variety of content formats. You can change up your story formats based on the nature of the story. No more boring text heavy content on your website. Bold supports popular video providers as well to help you layer your content for an interactive reading experience.

  1. Omni-channel distribution

As we mentioned, Bold is headless. This means that you can create stories on Bold and distribute on any and all channels you like. You can publish on your website, mobile apps, and social media accounts from a single instance. Bold also allows you to publish stories on channels like smart phones, smart watches and voice recognition platforms. The text to speech feature helps you stay upbeat.

Ready to get started with Bold? 

Bold headless CMS is the platform you can lean on. We ensure that the CMS is updated and working great and you get to enjoy a no-code-experience. Provide superior user-experience for your readers and writers with the headless CMS for modern digital publishers. Explore the flexible content management system with the free trial and enjoy the premium experience it provides. Excited to get started on Bold? Schedule your free demo today!