Metype - The Flexible Corporate collaboration tool

Metype - The Flexible Corporate collaboration tool

Metype as a collaborative tool

Insights from : Vineet Panjabi

As the world works remotely, business collaboration is a powerful tool that must be prioritized in order to grow your business and keep the space interesting. Many corporates have realized the importance of the same and are using internal collaboration tools that allow the exchange of messages and important information. The main objective is to provide teams a space to come together and work quickly and easily no matter where they are.

How do you do this right?

What tools do you use to achieve this and when do you establish an effective collaboration space?

Corporate collaboration refers to leveraging internal and external connections. This means creating a platform that collects not only feedback from within the company but also from your immediate user base. The goal must be to generate ideas, find solutions, and achieve common goals for your business. A truly successful collaboration will benefit both collaborators and is fostered through open, honest, and productive communication on a platform that is easy to navigate.

With the pandemic, interpersonal communication has come to a halt however, individual productivity has also increased promoting the advantages of remote team collabs. Companies have cited improved wellbeing and reduced overheads, as reasons to continue remote working.

Why should you collaborate?

  • Shared resources - While working remotely, you must have a network that allows sharing resources. Not only does it bring the different powerhouses of your company together but it also extends the platform for resource sharing. Relevant data can be put forth and seeking help becomes easy.

  • Time-saving - Collaborations make life easy. You get layers of added insights and a multidimensional look on whatever project you’re engaged in with your team. This helps save time and get you results quicker.

  • Learning opportunities - Going remote doesn’t mean restricting learning opportunities. You can create a space where employees can network effectively and learn from each other with an easy interface.

  • Innovation - Brainstorming ideas or coming up with effective decisions take more than two. For corporates, there must be a virtual space big enough to accommodate your teams and get their discussions going.

Corporate collaboration with Metype

The need to have an in-house tool that is cheap and buildable is ever-growing. While it’s always easy to hire a premade, popular platform, it can weigh down your budget and restrict your flexibility.

A solution like Metype allows you to not only ensure efficient corporate communication but does it for very little money. Metype is available today for a price that fits your budget. It is a highly buildable platform that will allow you to engage with your audience effectively.

Built for the digital age, the tool integrates seamlessly and provides an interface that is easy to use and navigate around. You can achieve extensive collaborations, exchange of information, sharing resources, etc, on this platform with ease.

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Metype - The Flexible Corporate collaboration tool
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Metype - The Flexible Corporate collaboration tool

Benefits of Corporate communication :

1. Build a Community

With effective communication, you can create community collaborations. This could refer to both your business's local community and your customer community. It can range from partnerships to influencers. Creating an exclusive platform helps you keep track of important conversations and assigning that space for communication encourages further participation.

2. Encourage Networking

If you’re a growing business or a large company, chances are there are more employees than you can remember. Gone are the days when you’d have landlines attached to each floor. In the remote working era, it’s important to have a system in place where one can reach out via text or notifications to another employee. It helps network within the company and helps resolve queries quicker.

3. A productive ecosystem

An ecosystem consists of long-term, inter-dependent collaborations between people. The participants within an ecosystem co-operate by sharing skills, technologies, and innovation to achieve a singular goal. This helps gain perspective, encourage efforts and use the workforce effectively.


With the right collaborative tool, you can encourage the right spirit of corporate communication. You can either fit in with your solution or you can get a solution that fits in with your needs. This is where Metype from Quintype comes in. It’s a flexible solution that gives you the room to hold effective communication with your team. It’s a scalable solution and integrates easily ensuring that your digital communication is as smooth as your face-to-face interactions. Are you curious to learn how Metype could fit your company? Schedule a demo to find out!