The Headless CMS for Digital Publishers today
headless cms for digital publishers

The Headless CMS for Digital Publishers today

Powerful headless cms features to meet the needs of your organization. Start using the Bold API-first content management system.

Bold was built for the modern age digital publisher. The smart headless CMS aims to empower the editorial teams in newsrooms by providing them a platform that allows maximum customization without having to learn to code. Bold is the only headless content management system with a user-friendly editorial workflow. Bold has all the headless CMS features to manage your content across all digital platforms. It’s the perfect solution for publishers across the globe.

Features of the Bold CMS :

Here are some features that make bold the right pick for your digital transformation.

  1. Flexible Content Modeling: Our flexible content modeling helps structure your content exactly the way you like to present it. Structure content for any channel.

  1. Content publishing: Plan when you want to publish your new posts and pages. Live and schedule publishing support.

  1. Revision history/Versioning: Never lose a change to your content again.

  1. Content Localization: Allow your content editors to localize and translate content into any language.

  1. Custom Roles and Permissions: Set custom roles and permissions for collaborators such as content writers, authors and product managers.

  1. Backups: Add additional security with backups.

    We have a daily backup system with multi-zone replication, which means Amazon RDS automatically creates a primary DB Instance and synchronously replicates the data to a standby instance in a different availability zone. We also take manual backup of the data to another AWS account once a day.

  2. Built in Analytics: Bold Analytics lets users see asset-level traffic data directly from the publishing experience. View page views on any asset and see overall trends in analytics periodically.

  3. Content migration tools: We can import and migrate content and digital assets from legacy CMSs like WP, Drupal, Joomla, and other CMS.

  4. Scalability: Bold integrates seamlessly with other third party solutions available in the market today, especially with its sister products. The headless CMS provides the flexibility you seek while allowing you to assemble the right platform for your publishing experience.

  5. Workflows: Use our editorial workflow to publish your content. Bold CMS allows you to define multiple workflow stages of your content and publish only approved content with changes.

bold headless cms

Editors and Operational Features

  1. Omnichannel Content Delivery: Access content across many digital channels. Bold CMS to manage and publish content across mobile, web, and IoT including Bots, interactive displays, AR, and VR.

  2. Flexible content management: Create any type of category, section, format or flow that satisfies your needs.

  3. Rich Content Editing: Our in-built Rich Text Editor supports simple formatting (bold, bullets) and advanced editorial functions (track changes). Our autosave captures all work in progress.

  4. SEO Optimized: With bold cms easily manage your SEO metadata as well as noindex, nofollow, and other settings. validate your on-page SEO within our editor. Bold CMS also supports both the creation of RSS feeds and sitemaps to support syndication use cases per set.

  5. AMP and Instant Articles: Bold CMS supports custom delivery of assets to Google’s AMP format as well as Facebook Instant Article. AMP-ready story pages with settings to enable or disable per asset. Facebook instant articles format with settings to enable or disable per asset.

  6. Social Publishing: Configure social media accounts and schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts directly from Bold CMS per asset. You can write custom text for social posts.

  7. URL Management: Bold CMS sets the power to publish permalinks and redirects directly in users’ hands right from the asset. You can publish temporary and permanent redirects.

  8. Multi-Language Support: Supports over 150+ international languages. Localize the platform to your native language also Bold cms support for right-to-left languages.

  9. Digital Customer Experience: Deliver personalized experiences that scale and engage your customers, across all channels.

  10. Push notification: Send push notifications to iOS/Android devices

  11. Story formats: Not all stories are created equal. Bold CMS comes with different types of story formats that let you manage your entries differently depending on your use case. Manage multiple types of content together in the same section.

  12. Embeds: Add a video, images, gifs, google forms and tables, and other content into a story with embeds. Embedded content appears as a part of a story and supplies a visual element that encourages increased CTR and engagement to your story. You can embed online forms on Bold cms in different ways.

Bold analytics view

Latest updates 

Bold is constantly evolving to keep upto the needs of today's publishing needs. Through the vast clientele for the headless cms, the back-end is updated with an impressive set of features ensuring that you're not signing up for a dry loaf. This is a solution that is designed and built to keep up the beat.

  1. Build Custom Forms: ​​ ​​Build forms, publish them and receive submissions from your audience to specific email addresses using Bold.

  2. Embed Facebook videos : Facebook video URLs are now supported in embed element and are recognised as valid videos in video stories.

  3. Character count displayed in story editor: Character count is now displayed for a story as well as for a card in story editor.

  4. Dailymotion video provider integration: Bold is now integrated with Dailymotion. Search for videos from your Dailymotion account right from within Bold to include them in stories. This is available for all publishers Bold instances by default. Once this is done, the Select Video option in Embed Element in Bold will allow you to search from Dailymotion servers directly from Bold.

  5. ​​Magazine feature: A magazine can derive all of its contents from a collection, hence creating a magazine is essentially the same as creating a collection.

  6. Two-factor-authentication on Bold: Bold is now equipped with the ability to require two-factor authentication to log-in to Bold. Once enabled for your publisher account, all users will have to scan the QR code on subsequent login or go to My Profile and set up the login using any TFA app like Google Authenticator app, Authy, etc. Once it is set up for the user, every login will require the user to enter a 6 digit code from the TFA app to login to Bold.

  7. Consumer search and download list: Search for, filter and download a list of the consumers from Bold. Consumers are available on Bold to those publisher websites that use Quintype's Authentication service Bridgekeeper for authenticating website-users or subscribers.

  8. Auto-import images into Bold: now manage importing of a large number of image files by setting up an AWS S3 import into bold image gallery. This is useful for publishers that have many images to import into Bold without having to login into Bold and uploading the images manually.

  9. Webhooks for various story state events in Bold: now you can Integrate Bold cms with any third party system with help of webhooks. Multiple story and collection workflow events are now available for webhook calls to be listed.

To know more about how Bold can change your newsroom, schedule a demo today. Get an in-depth view of how you can enjoy a premium content publishing experience.