Publisher’s Publishing Platform

Publisher’s Publishing Platform

Quintype's suite of products for today's digital publisher

If you’re new to the digital publishing industry or have been around for a while - you must have stumbled upon a very important piece of advice - get the right technology to back you up. What does this mean? While you create content and find ways to stand out - the right technology will help you steer your efforts in a fast and effective manner.

Having support with content management, concentrating your efforts on a centralized platform, and having a safe and healthy website are all examples of this. You must also ensure that your viewers appreciate the presentation of your content and that they have easy access to it.

You will need to add more subscribers as more readers engage and interact with your content. But let’s bring it all down a notch.

Digital publishing doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Do you like burgers? I mean who doesn’t. Allow me to use that analogy enough to explain Quintype’s suite of products. Quintype started in 2015 as a SaaS company. Years later, with double the employees, Quintype stands tall and proud with over 100 digital publishers who trust the suite of products from Quintype. Why?

Quintype has a dedicated team who come up with solutions for publishers today to simplify and get their work done faster. This means the products are tailor-made for content creators while keeping up with the industry standards. The product features to cater to the largest and the smallest publishing houses.

Here are the products that make up Quintype’s reputation :

Bold CMS

Keeping up with our burger analogy, we’d describe this as the base bread of our burger - it’s where everything starts. Bold is a headless content management system that allows digital publishers to create, distribute and monetize their content. It provides a central platform for editorial teams to collaborate their efforts. Our headless CMS comes with many solutions.

Features of the Bold CMS:

1. Content Personalization: Writers can create different kinds of stories through the story templates from Bold. This helps break the text monotony and allows to add as many layers as seen appropriate. Writers can embed videos, high-definition images, live video links, etc.

2. SEO support: Writing content alone wouldn’t help. Writers need the right SEO tools to rank the content and make it more discoverable by the target audience. This is why Bold gives you SEO scores on your dashboard. Writers can view their story status and reach directly through their CMS.

3. Access control: As you grow your media house, it’s important to have a scalable solution. Bold allows you to set access controls for each user. This helps different team members to have the right amount of access to create, collaborate and make decisions.

4. Schedule publishing: You don’t have to keep track of scheduling your stories with Bold. Set times for approved stories through Bold and the CMS will upload stories on all channels timely. You can add important messages through the manage button.

5. Manage Workflow: Besides access control, Bold helps you manage workflow with ease. The content can be put in buckets such as - ‘Submitted-Approved-Published’ based on the status of the write-up.

6. Content Localization: Allow content editors to localize and translate content into any language with Bold.

7. Instant Articles and AMP: Bold supports custom delivery of assets to Google’s AMP format as well as Facebook Instant Article. AMP-ready story pages with settings to enable or disable per asset.

8. Social media: Did you know that Bold can help you post to your social media channels directly? You can set social media messages and even schedule posts.

B. Ahead

Why is our CMS headless? Because we developed the perfect head for it! Meet our front-end system - Ahead - a head* (get it?). Ahead allows digital publishers to have a website that meets the expectations of readers. It helps publishers come up with a front solution that is both functional and customizable. If you were wondering which part of the burger this is - it would have to be the fancy lettuce - because presentation is everything!

Worried you might not be able to make changes to your website because you haven’t learned to code? Don’t worry, Page Builder has got you. Our layout customization tool allows publishers to further customize their website without any help from developers!

Features of Ahead :

  1. Layout customization: How much can you do without having to learn to code? The team at Quintype has empowered its clients to customize its websites without having to depend on a developer. You can change the look and feel of your website entirely. Read more here.

  2. Story formats: With a growing list of story formats, you can present powerful stories without having to restrict yourself to story formats. The front-end system allows users a view of content that is inviting and visually pleasing.

  3. Integrate seamlessly: Ahead works best with Bold. However, it also integrates seamlessly with other tools like - industry-standard analytics, data measurement, and marketing tools for accurate data collection and audience engagement that enhance the scope of the support of publishers.

C. Accesstype

Accesstype is the monetization solution from Quintype. Because your readers are ready to pay for your quality of content.

Accesstype is inarguably the meat patty (or a meat substitute patty) of the burger. Why? Because it brings meaning and value to the burger. As a publisher, it’s important to have a subscription system that helps you maintain an effective paywall for your content. At the same time, it should allow your readers a convenient experience. Accesstype - does all of these things.

Features of Accesstype :

1. Flexible paywalls: If you’re new to the world of paywalls, you need a tool that can help you experiment. Accesstype helps you set up a metered paywall, category-based plans or the classic - pay-per-article plan. The interface is easy and provides you the flexibility needed for a fast-growing media publisher.

2. Metered access - This helps you use your content as adequate bait for your loyal readers. You can set up access levels with the Bold CMS and Accesstype will ensure that your readers get the push they need.

3. Learn about your subscribers - Accesstype brings you subscriber reports to manage your content strategy, you can view and filter your subscriber data for effective strategies. You can also debug transactions with Accesstype. Furthermore, it integrates with your existing tech stack with REST APIs making it super easy for you.

4. Easy transactions - It’s important to have frictionless internet transactions to support your loyal subscribers. Accesstype can integrate with the most popular CMS systems and it comes with a transparent fee starting at $99. It helps users make easy and quick transactions and sends automated reminders for regular subscription revenue.

D. Metype

Now that our burger is ready, it’s time to add the top bread. You have your content managed, your website is looking great and you have an effective paywall. What do you need now? An audience engagement platform. This is where Metype comes in. Audience feedback is important for content development as well as your brand. Having the right engagement tool will help you keep up with your reader feedback.

1. Engage with your readers: Set up Metype and allow conversations across your website. Allow people to participate actively and add their suggestions. This will help you engage with your audience and cater to their needs effectively.

2. No time for toxicity: The AI-driven moderations help you to manage the toxicity levels of your audience in the comment section. You can set it up easily and then enjoy a positive discussion platform.

3. Customize freely: You should be able to make changes to your website. This is why, with Metype, you can Configure and customize Metype widgets to suit your brand.

You may be that the burger is there any other product you need?

React Native Apps

Call this a side dip or a mini burger but react native apps bridge the gap between your audience and content. With react native apps, publishers can create an app within days and have their native content accessible to their mobile-first audience. There are many several benefits of a mobile app - Read more here.

  1. Get your own app - Launch an app in a few days. Trust our team to take your content to your mobile-first audience with ease. You can easily sync your website content and your mobile app from a single CMS. Manage content across both channels easily. Plug and play with zero maintenance and no tech overhead.

  2. Get closer with your audience - Users can enjoy - push notifications, live video streams, single sign-on etc. The app takes away the process of ‘searching for your content’ and in place encourages a single click.

  3. Quicker content and better readability - Readers can access your native content with lower internet speeds without hindering their experience. You can also provide better readability through font variations, mobile tools, dark mode, etc.

Conclusion :

The suite of Quintype’s products was built gradually. They developed as the team understood various challenges faced by journalists in their content creation process through the years. The solutions were developed as a means to allow journalists a platform where they have technology that is accessible to them and one that understands their needs.

From the headless CMS to the react-native apps - Quintype’s products all aim to provide a premium content experience for both publishers and readers. They’re built to empower the content renaissance. The team believes that content creators should have the means to accelerate their efforts and get the output they wish while Quintype does the technology-heavy lifting.

As more digital publishers look into modern solutions to compete in the digital world, it’s important to have a suite of products that back you up. You should be able to have a safe and healthy website that allows you to increase your traffic and performance.