Perks of using a Mobile CMS

Perks of using a Mobile CMS

It is no understatement that mobile phones dominate the field of technology. Enough research and noise have been made in this decade about the content consumption on smartphones. By and large, given the statistics, content creators, newsmakers, etc are in agreement that any content that is created must tend to mobile users. Check out some key statistics and trends in smartphone usage here.

In a world that is rapidly changing by the seconds, readers are more often than not on the lookout for news and updates every passing minute.

In this blog, we look at an oft-overlooked aspect of content creation, creating content using your smartphones. Let us explore some of the key highlights offered by our flagship product, Bold, and how it enables content creation on your smartphones:

Real-time content creation:

Content creation on the fly is particularly applicable to news reporters and publishers. You can open our content editor on the browser and report stories in real-time. This content or pieces of content can be written or pushed for review or published from the field itself. The reviewers and editors need not wait endlessly for the reporter to report back with the highlights. This feature helps in publishing and broadcasting news around the clock without any delays.

Creating a story on Bold CMS
Creating a story on Bold CMS

Offline content creation:

Reporters can also work on the editor without an internet connection. When one is hopping from place to place trying to cover events, having a sound internet connection can be far from reality. Given this reality, we have an offline editor which enables one to create content when offline and also swiftly sync these offline notes once online. This ensures there is no break in work that would occur, and also eliminates the delay that may arise due to low connectivity. Another crucial point to note is, it is always easier to record an event as it is unfolding rather than writing from one’s memory at a later point in time.

Publish news round the clock:

Real-time reporting entails an infinite back and forth of information between field reporters and news editors. The corollary effect of this is the time lapse that occurs in publishing news. One of the key benefits of being able to access the editor anywhere anytime is that reporters can push the stories while on the field and editors can move the story/news out faster from their desk. Changes or clarity required can be sought and sorted in real-time as the editor provides features such as viewing reviews and making review incorporation seamlessly.

Taking notes:

Sometimes, reporting does not have to be in real-time. One can always collate information, add bit size content on the mobile, and create a news article or a blog later. While on the field, reporters can jot down the sequence of events or pointers that may have to be reported for at a later date. Bold ensures that one does not rely on one’s memory to recall the sequence of events later, and at the same time ensures all information is collated in the same space, rather than taking resort to arbitrary notepad applications.

Feature-rich editor:

We have put in a lot of thought and research into desging this feature rich editor for the small screen. The user interface is designed such that it is easy to navigate thus enabling users to work swiftly. Consistent and common UI elements in both the offline and online version of the app help users to effortlessly acclimatize with the interface thereby requiring no new learning.

Geolocation tags:

Reporters can tag their stories and reports to specific locations. This enables editors to easily filter and publish stories based on appropriate locations. The feature in turn also allows readers to access content based on their location.

Customizable backend:

We have a custom backend that can be used across platforms. It helps in storing data centrally. This enables dynamic data flow between platforms. This also allows communication between platforms as data is stored centrally and not bound by any system. Additionally, there is no need to download an app to create or publish content, thereby not meddling with the storage of the device.

For the readers:

Readers can easily access the content using their preferred internet browser on their smartphones. Since stories are geo-tagged during creation, users can easily access stories based on their locations or otherwise.

You can register for a free trial of BOLD here.

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