Newsroom workflow: Managing the process on your CMS

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Newsroom workflow: Managing the process on your CMS
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The software requirements for the present-day publisher are vast and constantly growing. There are new trends setting in and continuous editorial demands that need to be met. One may assume that with in-house solutions, the entire newsroom experience can be customized for the company. However, most newsrooms are only able to hire a small in-house developing team to dedicate their time to technology. They also are unable to dedicate time for updations and safety checkups. The general lifespan of in-house solutions is decreasing because of the constantly changing team and the increasing amount of demands.

By hiring enterprise solutions, or SaaS, publishers mitigate the risk of an inadequate platform. A SaaS product is often a result of a large tech team that has dedicated funds and client feedback to work around. This means that you get a solution that is industry-approved and reliable.

Who makes the newsroom?

The editorial team would make the gist of the newsroom. While other departments also come into the scenario, it’s primarily the content creators, writers, and editors that work intimately as a newsroom. Therefore, it is crucial that the platform caters to their needs and demands.

At Quintype, we create our solutions to fit the needs of publishers across the globe. This is why we track editorial needs and take regular client feedback. Our clients tell us what they appreciate and what they’d like and we get our developers onto it.

What role does your CMS play in managing your workflow? Do you create editorial strategies around your CMS or does your CMS fit in with your editorial strategy?

CMS and Workflow Management

It’s important to understand the role of a content management tool in publishing. This is a platform that your content leans on. You get to store your native content, create it, distribute it, and remold it according to your needs.

You need a CMS that is secure, scalable, and flexible to your editorial needs. Introducing...Bold. (Was that smooth?)

Creating the right workflow can be difficult with an inadequate CMS. Let us show you how a well-developed headless CMS takes over your newsroom activities and simplifies your daily tasks for you.

1. User and Roles

On our Bold CMS, you get to set roles. Each user gets a role that determines their level of control on the CMS. Admins can add new users, play around with the roles and restrict access when needed. This helps with scalability. You can add guest contributors, freelancers, etc on a single platform and manage their access with ease. It also keeps the user end hassle-free on the CMS for each individual user.

2. Content categorization

Content can get overwhelming very quickly. You can put your content into buckets to keep things clear. Bold allows you to set content as - open, submitted, approved, and published.

This function helps the larger team to skim through content and get an understanding of the status of content. It also regulates easy work and leaves no room for confusion. The content, once approved, can move to the next stage and get published on different channels.

3. Rich multimedia content

Digital publishing isn't a grey field. Rich visual content carries a lot of weight. This is why our CMS ensures central multimedia storage. Here, the photographs/videos can be uploaded and then used by writers appropriately. This also helps regulate the quality of images and ensures reusability.

4. Social media distribution

Omni-channel distribution is a need today. You have to be present everywhere and your CMS should take care of that for you. On Bold, you can link your social media accounts and push content either simultaneously or schedule posts. This takes away the friction of going over to social media accounts and keeping a track of posts separately.

5. Collaborative perks

You can collaborate directly on your CMS with Bold. We understand that multiple users editing at the same time can lead to an extremely lengthy writing process, which is Bold allows you to streamline your edits individually, save the edits and then share with other authors with access for further edits. A single blog can be sent to writers, photographers, videographers for edits, and the CMS stores all final changes for you.

Improve your Newsroom with Bold

Bold is a headless, mobile cms that allows quick, smart and safe reporting. It's a platform that you can rely on and not worry about back ups and upgrades. Getting on the platform would mean that our team would take care of your concerns - a dedicated team of developers who are quick on their feet. Are you curious to upgrade your newsroom experience with Bold? Schedule a demo today to learn how Bold can transform your newsroom.

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