Multicurrency at Accesstype

Multicurrency at Accesstype

Accesstype now supports multicurrency for our global publishers

Accesstype is the monetization tool from Quintype that allows enterprise and small scale publishers from across the globe to monetize their original content in a seamless way. The sister product, of our CMS Bold, allows publishers everywhere to earn the reward for their native content on both website and app through this tool. The payment is safe, quick and secure. 

The New Feature

The multi-currency feature has been included as we found that publishers who target a global audience can have trouble without such a feature. Today. Accesstype will help you set multiple currencies like INR, USD etc as a part of the subscription plans you already have in place. The system will show the relevant currency to the reader. The feature only works if the set currency is supported by payment gateways used by you. 

Fallback currency 

This is used as an alternative in case the set surrency fails to work. This is applicable in cases where your reader might not find their local currency on your website. You can set a standard currency as the fallback one so that most people are either familiar or have a clear understanding of the breakdown - like USD.

With this feature, the readers are able to find subscriptions that fit their budget. This helps publishers gain audiences from different regions without having the barrier of a single currency. We’ve seen e-commerce sites prioritize this feature to enable more purchases on their site, with this simple upgrade, we’re hoping that publishers too can see a growth in their subscriber number. 

Importance of monetization for publishers 

The digital platform gives you many ways to make revenue. As a publisher, you can do this primarily via ads and subscriptions. You’ll need to monetize your content unless you’re willing to put your content up for free. Monetizing and ad revenue will help you stay afloat. This also helps you invest back into your content. With the rise of popularity of OTT platforms and the growing number of subscribers in the news industry, it is safe to bet that people are willing to pay for content they deem worthy.

You can look into your audience behavior, registration rates and brand goal, you can form practical offers that allow a wider audience to subscribe to the premium content you promise to deliver. You can form packages and bucket content accordingly to invite as many loyal readers as possible to the subscriber circle. Once you’ve established a secure subscriber base, you can then use this revenue to not only uphold your technology but also improve the quality of content on your site.

Monetize with Accesstype

Accesstype will take your monetization experience on a different, simpler level. Accesstype is a simple and easy-to-use monetization tool we developed here at Quintype. It helps you generate predictable revenue. Accesstype is an intelligent subscription management platform that allows you to explore paywalls and take revenue risks that’ll get you soaring in the publishing space. 

Now monetize with pay-per-article or even category subscriptions. You can also provide limited/ metered access to create a sense of FOMO to attract new users. Set up metered paywalls on the back end with Bold CMS easily.

Accestype brings you smooth and secure transactions that help remove any friction online encouraging readers to subscribe. You can also work around with subscription information to personalize the experience for individual users. View, filter and export your subscriber information, debug transactions with attempt logs and more. Did we mention that it’s super easy to integrate into your existing tech stack.

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Multicurrency at Accesstype
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