Metype - Your One-stop Engagement Solution

Metype - Your One-stop Engagement Solution

Audience engagement on the stories is a key focus of publishers. Metype helps publishers drive up the engagement by letting them interact with the content in real-time.

We have been working closely with publishers for the past three years. We are passionate about solving their technology problems so that they can focus all their energy on creating great content. One of the challenges we noticed, is a steep decline in ad revenue. Although page views were increasing, it was not necessarily translating into revenue. Ad revenue was decreasing so much so that publishers felt threatened about their future survival.

“Higher views not translating to revenue”

Engagement is the Monetization Metrics

What we found was that the publishers were chasing the wrong metrics all this time. Engagement (and not views) is what led to higher revenue - whether it was in terms of higher ad engagement or by building a bond with readers, which ultimately leads to direct reader revenue. Moreover, there are a number of platforms and publishers wooing your audience attention - and engagement is what will keep them sticking to your platform.

Thus we built Metype to solve all your engagement problems. We know what it takes to get your users hooked to your content. Here are the main features

  1. Commenting platform with emojis
  2. Newsfeeds
  3. User-generated content.

Commenting made Hassle-free with our AI-Driven Moderation Tools

All publishers want their readers to discuss and debate on their content. However, the trouble of managing spam and abuse - made many publishers disable the comment section altogether.

Our AI driven moderation tool automatically takes down spammy comments and also blocks the user making those comments. The tool is constantly learning from your ‘mark as spam’ actions, thus bettering the moderation process.

Add your own Sensitive Words

You can also add your own list of sensitive words. Comments containing these words won't get published until you approve of it.

Real-time Commenting

Commenting is real time on Metype - that is the number of users commenting on an article is displayed for the user to see. This shows the activity on your platform and drives more engagement as they actually wait to see the comment displayed.

Live news Feed Widget

You don't want your users to just read one article, comment and go away. You want them to consume more and more content on your website. Thus we launched the live news feed widget. It dynamically displays all the comments across your websites along with the content that is commented on. This gets the reader interested in more of your content and gets them hopping from one page to another. It also shows a user that your platform is been actively engaged with.

Make the Users a Part of your Family

You want you users to develop a sense of belonging to your brand. Thus we launched the User Generated content feature - which helps the user contribute content for your platform. Get a featureful editor exclusively for your readers so that they can create beautiful content just like your editors. This content then directly goes into your content repository (your CMS), its already formatted - and your editors can publish it with just a click of a button.

Two Minute-Two Step Integration Process.

No coding required - get Metype integrated with your website with a process as simple as copying and pasting a piece of code.

A Giant step towards Personalised Content

Many publishers have been using Facebook comments - which means you have no access to the user data. With Metype you can track the complete user behavior on your platform. Thus you get more data to better understand your audience and deliver more accurate personalised content.

Metype is free! Leave a comment below or write to [email protected] to get in touch with us.

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