Introducing Bridgekeeper JS

Introducing Bridgekeeper JS

Integrate logins within a day using Bridgekeeper JS

Bridgekeeper JS is a Javascript library that makes authentication quicker, simpler, and secure on Quintype powered websites.


Let's face it. Digital media publishers today are scrambling every which way to make money. And that is justified because maintaining and running a website is not a very cheap affair. With that in mind, a subscription model is usually the next stop for a publisher after the more traditional models like ads, sponsorships, and donations are adopted.

Being in the industry for years, we've witnessed the publishers struggling with their subscriptions. That's the reason we introduced Accesstype. I will not get into that right now, but for any kind of subscription to work, the user has to log in to the website.

At a glance, one could presume that building and maintaining a user flow for registration, login, and everything around is a straightforward task. But as you venture into these features, you will fall into the nitty-gritty of unhandled errors and unexpected edge-cases that will end up taking your users for a spin that will eventually force them to leave.

Enter Bridgekeeper JS

We realized that providing an authentication service alone is not enough. We know this because we tried it with the introduction of our authentication service called Bridgekeeper. The inception of Bridgekeeper came out of the need to have SSO across all Quintype powered applications. It then paved the way for seamless integration of Accesstype with non-Quintype publishers.

But even with extensive API documentation, the developers sometimes struggle to get things right. So we went one step further. We built a lightweight JS library that exposes all the necessary functionalities you'd require to set up your website for authentication. That is inarguably a big part of the load lifted off your shoulders.

A login modal that uses Bridgekeeper JS for all its background functionality
A login modal that uses Bridgekeeper JS for all its background functionality

In the first version of our library, we introduced all the basic functionalities that a publisher would require to set up a secure authentication service. The library also communicates seamlessly to our internal suite of products like Accesstype and Metype. In the upcoming releases, we will be introducing more features and enhancement.

To know more about Bridgekeeper, Bridgekeeper JS, Accesstype, Bold, Metype, and everything Quintype, get in touch with our sales team at [email protected].