Vikatan uses Bold CMS to improve their workforce efficiency by 10%

Vikatan uses Bold CMS to improve their workforce efficiency by 10%

Bold CMS Integrates with 3rd party applications and print systems to simplify content creation, collaboration and distribution.

Vikatan is a leading South Indian media house. It was founded by Mogul SS Vasan in 1928. Vikatan is an amalgamation of 12 magazines, popular television content, books and a dynamic website. With so many branches to manage, it was extremely important to have project management and team management tools to regulate the team’s efforts and ensure maximum output.

They make use of apps and interactive platforms to help the teams organize, track and manage the work. This is crucial for bigger teams to collaborate with ease. It helps keep everyone on the team stay on the same page and makes giving updates a simpler task.

This way writers can update the editorial team about the status of particular content pieces as well as the overall content, the articles that are in progress and the ones that are published.

Bold’s Editorial Workflow

Vikatan has separate teams, one for each magazine. Vikatan has it’s teams separated by magazine types. With this feature, writers are able to create content specific to the right magazine.

This feature allows journalists to write for multiple magazines. It benefits the publishers as writers can use a single interface to manage content across different domains.

With a large team it is important for the editorial team of Vikatan to have more power and control over the content that goes out to the public. Our smooth editorial workflows in Bold CMS helped to streamline their process.

How Bold integrates with third-party solutions to improve team efficiency

Bold works with third-party applications to ensure that the team has the most frictionless experience. Webhooks allows the team to execute custom functions whenever specific events are triggered within the CMS.

Bold sends notifications via webhooks to the project management apps to share the progress of the stories.

For instance, when the story moves from “Open” to “Approved”, the editors get an update/notification on slack or their project management app.

For print distribution Vikatan uses Bold CMS with webhooks to send content that is “approved” to their print solution and then to press. The editorial team made use of the scheduled publish feature, that took care of publishing the story on both digital and print mediums parallelly through a single authoring source (Bold CMS).

Vikatan made use of Webhooks with Bold, to integrate it with third party systems (like print and related systems) . The content flows into external apps. The editorial teams, both Print and Digital, use Bold as the starting point.

These integrations helped the larger team at Vikatan to have active discussions, suggestions and feedback in an organic way. It keeps everything simple, accessible and organized for the entirety of the team.

Quintype now has Webhooks in Bold which is a scalable solution that can be used to send messages of important workflow events in Bold to any third-party system like Microsoft teams, Slack, Asana, or even print systems.

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