How-to guide: Headless CMS for non-developers

How-to guide: Headless CMS for non-developers

The headless CMS could be the perfect fit for your brand

Are you looking for a simple explanation of what a headless CMS is and what it means for your publishing journey? We’ve tried to present everything you need to know about the headless CMS. It is important to know that headless CMSs are in fact, different from traditional CMS.

Full front end freedom

As is evident by the name, a headless CMS is without a head (shocker, I know). This simply means that your CMS has not much to do with how you built your website. You’d need a front-end system that allows you to manage the look and feel of your website. So why should you get a headless CMS?

If you have a clear view of what your website should look like you’d want a dedicated front-end system. There’s a lot of front-end systems out there in the market but you can also try a custom solution. Headless CMS would help you distribute your content to your website without restricting the flexibility you have with the website. This would also provide the necessary separation between the cms and the front end allowing you to make changes to both without it affecting the other.

Experiment around your website with designers and front-end solutions with no regrets. The headless CMS will ensure that all your native content stays protected and at one point for reference.

Welcome to the new age content management solution

Content management solutions were traditionally built to keep all your content on a singular platform. They’ve evolved over time to accommodate more duties and tasks within the editorial teams. The headless CMS - Bold, for instance, allows you to collaborate, manage access levels, upload rich multimedia from popular providers, view SEO scores, omnichannel distribution, and schedule posts.

The headless CMS works as a powerhouse of your publishing process. It’s where the content comes together and gets built to present your stories with multiple layers. Headless CMSs are more flexible, non-restrictive and constantly evolving due to their dedicated function. You can expect relevant updates, industry-specific features and a premium user experience.

The headless CMS is the right solution for publishers who are looking for a platform that helps with everything content - creation and distribution. It is easy to integrate with monetization and engagement tools. It’s perfect for the modern-day publisher as you can keep your content secure while trying out different solutions until you find the right tools.

Want to know more about how a headless CMS could help your brand? Schedule a demo here and get all the information you need!