How the Tech support today encourages independent journalism

How the Tech support today encourages independent journalism

Here’s how Quintype’s stack of products encourages independent journalism

Independent journalism has held the spirit of freedom true. It’s when journalists are able to function and flourish with the support of readers rather than having to bank on governments. This ensures that there is no bias in the media and that the citizens get the most value out of their press. As the watchdog, this also makes the press more reliable. So where does independent journalism struggle?

Well one of the primary struggles can be maintaining enough revenue to publish content. Print media can get very expensive for publishers, this is why they bank on advertisement revenue - they’re able to sell dailies cheaper this way. On the other hand, for digital publishers there is a need for a tech stack that is both reliable and cost effective. Independent publishers might find digital publishing much easier today due to the evolution of technology in the space. One can start a blog today with no cost, and start their journey from there.

Technology supporting independent publishers

At Quintype, we find solutions to empower publishers through technology. We make the user interface by keeping in mind the journalists - easy but customizable. There’s always support available and we walk editorial teams through everything. It’s important to us that journalists can interact with our tech stack without the need to depend on designers or developers. We do the tech heavy lifting while journalists can do what they do best - bring out important stories.

  1. Our smart CMS Bold helps publishers with important functions like content creation, dissemination and publication. It helps layer the content with multimedia, it breaks down content formats by providing options and it also ensures the workflow is easy to follow through. Further, you can manage your social media shares through Bold. The CMS is the single dashboard where your team views and interacts with the content - make sure it’s got a great interface.

  1. Ahead is a front-end solution that brings in easy customization for publishers. With PageBuilder integration, publishers can now play around with all presentation layer elements without having to lean on designers or developers - it’s made for journalists! There are industry approved templates that publishers can work with without worrying about logistics, the customization can be done through easy gestures and clicks to ensure publishers get to explore all their design options.

  1. Engagement is important for all publishers. MeType is a commenting platform that lets you manage engagement on your website, regulate toxicity levels and get impressions. Users can express their thoughts on specific topics and writers can interact with their audience.

  1. Banking on ad revenue alone on digital platforms could be avoided. Invite more subscribers with our secure monetization platform - Accesstype. It is a monetization tool that will do all of the above while giving you reader stats. This is helpful for new publishers as you can evaluate what subscription packages are being received well, if there’s one demographic more loyal than the other and if you need to try a different paywall strategy.

  2. Once you’re ready to invest into an app, there’s a whole new scope of content personalization available. With react native apps, you can create your own app in a matter of days with zero hassle. You get to remove unnecessary friction of having to open the browser and search for your website by creating an app. This way, a single click gives readers access to all of your content. You can also increase reader retention through notifications.

Independent journalism is now a possibility for many enthusiastic publishers out there. You don’t have to invest into building a stack that fits your goals, here’s Quintype to ensure your content meets no friction. Create, publish and engage with content while enjoying a premium experience.