How MeType helps in leveraging audience engagement for News Websites

How MeType helps in leveraging audience engagement for News Websites

Here’s a tool to help you manage the comments on your website

You create the content, the comments keep it running. The digital media runs on interaction and engagement. One of the primary differences between print and digital media is the room the latter creates for conversations. A sense of continuity that keeps the content evergreen. This is why you need to give your users a platform and this is where MeType comes in.

MeType can be explained simply as an engagement management tool but it helps you with so much more! It was developed to ensure that publishers can manage their commenting platform to promote engagement and to ensure retention.

How MeType stands out

MeType is an advanced audience management solution that allows publishers to promote interactions and conversations on their platform. It brings in the much needed involvement of user generated content into digital media sites. The tool integrates with most content management systems through Javascript embed. IT also integrates with third party authentication tools using single sign-on like most our products. MeType allows story comments, reactions through emoticons, bookmarking etc.

MeType is free to use for most sites today like blogs, education etc. One can use the paid/premium version for those who have more than a million page views. If you’re wondering if MeType will slow you down, fear not. It loads asynchronously thereby not affecting your page performance while also ensuring that your comments get indexed by Google. Click here for more details.

Primary features of Metype

Here are some features of MeType and how it could benefit your digital publishing website.

  1. Promotes interaction

For any news media company or digital media company, it’s important to rely on the voice of your readers. This is where readers come together to discuss their thoughts. It’s the first point of gaining feedback - don’t miss out!

MeType promotes conversations by providing an easy interface where people can respond to the author, the publisher and even other fellow readers. This brings in a sense of community within the subscribers/readers. The conversations lead to the longevity of the content.

  1. Experience AI driven moderation

Not all comments are good comments. Very often you’ll find people trying to promote their own page or blog on your platform. This is an easy way to get your traffic to move elsewhere. You could also have automated comments coming in with the intent to spam. This is where MeType’s AI driven moderation comes handy. You can customize terms/phrases you don’t wish to see on your platform and MeType will take care of it for you. This way, you don’t have to guard your individual pages/posts - MeType guards it for you!

  1. Easy traffic coming in

No, MeType isn’t going to directly bring you more traffic. But an increase in interactions on your site will only bring more traffic to your page. This is because the more people engage with your content, the more credible your site will be and google will push your content to the forefront, bringing you better traffic than ever! You can also observe readers bringing in views from their friend circle through the engagement platform. This goes to show that if you promote interesting conversations, that alone will bring people in. So create content that sparks conversations and watch people join in to speak!

  1. Helps increase brand visibility

We already know it’ll help bring in traffic but what’s more important is that MeType allows you to engage with your readers. Authors get to interact with their readers and discuss notes. This is also ideal for when there have been mistakes that need correction. The platform gives you the room to bring in a brand image. How you interact with your readers becomes a large part of your branding and if done right, promotes further engagement. If readers know you’re reading their comments and taking their content seriously, they’ll do the same with you!

  1. User generated content stands above all

MeType helps you bring in comments which are very simply defined as user generated content. In the digital media, it’s important to have access to authentic content and most often, you get these from your authors and readers. Readers today are smart and educated and therefore have a lot to contribute to what you have to say. Giving them a platform not only encourages a healthy partnership but also gives you access to all this priceless UGC which you can use to enhance your story. This could be editing notes, first-hand account on events, perspectives/angles and so much more.