Here's the Next Big Website Builder in 2021

Here's the Next Big Website Builder in 2021

Page Builder, is the next big website builder for all digital content creators. An empowering product for editorial teams across global newsrooms to manage and control websites.

Journalists shouldn't have to slow down to make design changes for their websites. This is the spirit of our solutions and our products work towards that singular goal - make content creation, distribution and monetization as easy as possible.

At Quintype, we’ve had the opportunity to help several clients set up websites and manage them. Through that journey, we’ve seen our clients struggle with the smaller design elements of their websites. This is what inspired our product, the Page Builder. All our products aim to empower publishers like you and make your digital publishing journey exciting.

With Page Builder, publishers can make changes to the front-end anytime. You no longer need a developer. We give configuring rights to the editorial team. You can manage the layout of the page and have control over - Homepage, advertisement placement, header layout, sliders, etc.

While designing websites for our clients, we observed that a lot of the websites tend to look similar. Our team carefully designed and curated a collection of templates that are commonly used across brands. This helps create a sense of ease wherein the elements can be changed to promote a dynamic and healthy-looking website.

How exactly does the Page builder work?

Page Builder has a simple interface, row-based design system where you can manage the layout of the entire website. You can add as many rows for a page to customize it to your liking. Not all users have to be designers to make these changes. Page builder shows publishers all the visual possibilities of your digital brand. For instance, with headers, you can choose from 9 different header layouts. The team can play with all the options and with the preview option - stick to changes that seem to work. Like the header component, we have numerous components that can be customized to the publisher’s interest.

1. Pages

a. Homepage

This includes various elements like - Breaking News, Ads, custom widgets, collection of stories. All of which, you can customize to reflect your brand.

b. Section page

For a website that has various section pages, each section can be configured by the user. This includes being able to make changes in components, layout, and color.

c. Story page

You can create the layout with the templates provided. For text stories alone, there are 6 layout options. This is applicable for all story types - you can customize all story formats and create story templates.

2. Commenting plugin

Previously you needed a developer’s help to embed commenting solutions, but today you can do it yourself.

3. Custom configuration

  • Push notifications can be configured. This can be done without having to connect with developers, simply using the key from the third-party vendor will help achieve this.

  • Google Analytics - While configuring your website, you can add your Google analytics ID by simply logging into Page Builder.

  • App links - If you have your own native app, you can link your apps directly onto the website to increase app downloads.

  • You can add your own widgets, tracking IDs, add infinite scroll etc. We’ve taken the smaller details and given the users the control to help with the digital journey.

4. Visual and Styling

You can choose the font and colours that best represent your brand. For any brand, the logo is key, Page Builder allows you to upload different logos, preview them and then publish the final output.

Benefits of Page Builder:

Live Preview - You can view the changes made to the website live with the preview option.

Zero code development

The page builder allows you to make design changes to your website without having to learn code whatsoever.

Restore changes

Page builder is built to encourage you to create, experiment and control. One can simply ‘undo’ or ‘redo’ the actions, the changes can be reverted without any repercussions.

Quick Access

For any company, being able to coordinate collaborative efforts is key. While the page builder allows access to multiple users, building actions are restricted to a single person to avoid any crossovers.

Easy Logins

Bridgekeeper allows you to use the same login to get access to Bold (our headless CMS) and Page builder. Single sign-on access helps keep accessibility as smooth as possible.

Latest developments to power through

  • The page builder also supports magazines. You can configure all the magazine pages using our product.

  • You can also easily manage the subscription pages using Page builder. Enabling metering to pages is now easier than ever.

  • Page Builder now supports subdomain. For instance - “” has many subdomains like,, etc. that are managed using a single Page builder instance. With this function, you can configure each individual subdomain.


The Page Builder is built to encourage you to take a creative leap when it comes to customizing the website. The product is easy to explore and has layers and layers added to ensure that you have as much control as needed. From general settings, accessibility to something as simple as color options - they’re all built to make designing a more democratic concept. We built Page Builder last year to help publishers present websites better, to help them rise to the latest industry standards. The Page Builder, like all our products, will continue to grow with more features added to it, as and when necessary.

If you think this is something you’d be interested in or if you have any questions, you can reach us here.