Find Your Perfect Match: How to Choose the Right Blog Commenting System

Find Your Perfect Match: How to Choose the Right Blog Commenting System

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Comment sections in any content format plays a very important role in engagement. It brings the creators and readers together. It provides a space for interaction. One can join in or start discussions under articles that resonate with them. You can even comment below this blog. It brings people together and encourages conversation. If you’re a digital publisher or participant, commenting systems should sound familiar to you. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing a blog commenting system.

  1. Usability 

The ease with which one can find the comment section, type their comments, log in to their email ID or create a new account etc. The ease of use plays an important role in retention of the readers so that they will follow through and interact with your content. 

  1. Feature list 

A commenting platform can’t be just that. It needs to come with other features that support and encourage readers to comment. It must also help publishers manage comments on their platforms. It should be possible to manage comments, comments with links, and sensitivity of the comments. This way publishers can keep a check on the spammy comments that will only redirect the audience from the parent website. 

  1. User experience 

The user experience of any commenting tool is what sets it apart because in essence, they’ve got the same purpose. An ideal platform will help you customize for both your authors and the audience. It also helps to see how it would function across platforms. 

  1. Ownership 

A hosted tool or a third party platform won’t provide you complete access/ownership. You’ll also have trouble with the data that is created and stored. With a tool like MeType, it works with it’s sister product - Bold seamlessly and provides complete ownership of the content and data generated through the engagement on your website. 

MeType as a commenting tool 

If you don’t have a dedicated commenting tool on your website, you’re losing out on some quality user generated content that could aid you in more ways than one. It’s also helpful to understand what type of content is more relevant to your target audience. There are tools made by companies like Quintype that are offered as SaaS products that publishers can adopt to improve their audience engagement. 

These tools are developed, maintained, updated and hosted by external companies. This rids publishers of any responsibility towards the product. They can enjoy the benefits of a product that caters to a wide network of users - ensuring that it is maintained regularly, has useful features and is updated to meet industry standards for a fraction of the development cost. 

Metype is available as a product to all publishers. You can manage your comments, customize story reactions and also bar insensitive comments by using keywords that shouldn’t be included. The filter keeps a check on the toxicity of the comments so you don’t have to. 

MeType is also available for WordPress websites. You get to avail most features that are available to premium legacy publishing websites. This helps smaller publishers browse their options and also fully scale with products that support that type of scalability. 

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