Do you have a CMS that is social media friendly?

Do you have a CMS that is social media friendly?

Find out how having a social friendly CMS can help in the newsroom

Bold headless CMS was built for media publishers and now expands across all digital publishing industries. The platform is secure, scalable and more importantly - empowering. Newsroom journalists can now work around the clock on a dashboard that isn’t overly technical and allows them to multitask.

What can you do on Bold?

1. Autopost

Have you had to share your stories on all your social media channels? This alone makes the entire process of publishing stories tiresome. This is why Bold takes care of it. As a publisher, you want to increase your visibility on social media. On Bold, you can auto-post on Facebook and Twitter. You can add your social media accounts onto Bold and through simple clicks, you can post on all social media platforms directly from Quintype's editor.

2. Multiple Facebook & Twitter pages

You can connect multiple Facebook pages - when connected with a mail ID. The same is the case with Twitter - you can add hashtags so that they can be automatically fetched. You can add individual unique send messages on two different channels - on the same platform.

3. Schedule posts

You can schedule the posts. Both the story and social media posts - on Facebook and Twitter. This means that you can not only schedule what time your story gets published but also what time it goes live on your social media accounts. This helps meet content strategies and keep up with the distribution and promotion of content.

4. Web stories

Where you’re placing content, Bold has customization where one can reorder elements. That can be handled by attributes. Allowing for easy web stories that can be uploaded on social media without any issues. One can images, gifs and other elements to enhance the visual story.

5. Instant articles

Bold also supports instant articles. We have a dedicated feed for instant articles. We have a compatible feed for instant stories. Once updated, one can publish the feed in the instant article configuration and it’ll update the same onto Facebook. The story can be accessed on Facebook without having to redirect it onto the website.

6. Shareability

We support quick and easy shareability through Bold. Users are allowed to share content across channels from the website and apps without having to copy links.


Bold is a social media-friendly CMS as it understands the need for publishers to promote their content. A CMS that doesn’t allow and encourage social media use can seem like a liability in today’s day and age. It is therefore important to seek a platform that allows you to manage social media content through your dashboard without having to assign the task to someone else. Discover all the various opportunities and be socially active with Bold CMS.