Build the perfect gaming website with Bold CMS

Build the perfect gaming website with Bold CMS

Did you want to build a gaming website? With the right technology you can have the gaming website that would give your users the perfect experience.

Bold is a headless CMS from Quintype that is built for digital publishers. It helps them manage their content and create a user-friendly experience. A solution that works seamlessly to integrate the solutions that can benefit publishers and their end users. How does the Bold CMS help a gaming website?

Essentials for a gaming website CMS

Bold CMS is built for publishers and content creators. It’s a platform that empowers creators and acts as an enabler. While the potential of the CMS is clearer for some of the mainstream news publishers, a gaming content publisher may have trouble understanding how we can help. Now that you know we can improve your site performance, let’s look at some of the features we offer -

1. A dynamic website- Bold CMS helps publishers to upload and manage rich multimedia on their website. This involves high quality images, graphics and videos. For a gaming website it’s important to have a lot of things happening at once - we understand that. This is why you can embed from streaming apps like twitch on the website.

2. A fast and healthy website - We understand that you need elements on your website but this shouldnt hinder your page speed score. We ensure that your page speed remains impressive - helping you to rank better and to give your users the experience they deserve.

3. Add layers to your website - We’ve always tried to support the content renaissance. This is why Bold helps you manage and streamline your content efforts with ease. Be it blogs, newsletters or Vlogs - the platform helps you create immersive stories

4. Adding advertisements is now easy - Publishers can manage ad placements around their website with Bold. manage pop ups, banner ads and more with our CMS. (Don’t worry we’ll make sure it doesn’t impact your pagespeed)

5. Reliable website infrastructure - The platform is built to last. This means - no DDoS attacks, automatic scaling for unexpected peaks in traffic and dependable infrastructure.

6. Seamless third-party integrations - Bold integrates seamlessly with third party solutions to help you enhance your digital presence. Do more with your headless CMS. Get monetization, front-end and audience engagement tools to get the right bundle for your gaming website.

The AFK upgrade with Bold CMS

AFK gaming is an Asia-focused esports platform. It is one of the top gaming news and content portals in the world. After going live on Bold, AFK witnessed a 20% uptick in their traffic from the first week. Here’s everything we helped them with -

  • The AFK Website is fully developed on Malibu

  • Integration with their existing topic-based push-notifications app using webhooks for better user experience.

  • The website is faster to keep up with the gamers.

  • The team helped with reduction in Bandwidth usage compared to their previous site. Thus lowering their TCO by 20%

  • AFK now has fully customised AMP pages to cater to the mobile-first gamers

  • With Bold, Publishers can embed Javascript codes easily. The platform supports all video streaming platforms including twitch, Hitbox, Azubu, youtube, facebook, among others.


As E-Gaming websites progress, our team at Quintype is dedicated to find solutions to cater to the industry. Our suite of products are built to enable and empower content creators across various industries.

AFK gaming has been live on Quintype. And have witnessed progresssive growth in their site performance.

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