Bar and Bench saw a 3X growth in traffic after getting on Quintype's platform

Bar and Bench saw a 3X growth in traffic after getting on Quintype's platform

Bar and Bench just saw a 3X growth in their traffic, an increase in engagement, and over 100,000 app installs. How did they do it? Let’s find out.

Bar and bench, a premier national legal news website is popular for its in-depth stories and regular legal news updates. Prior to joining Quintype’s platform, Bar and Bench faced several challenges with their website.

On their previous hosting platform, they noticed that the server performance was severely slow. This impacted their traffic significantly.

They wanted a website that was image-heavy but also one that loads quickly. One where the quality of the image isn’t compromised but neither is the speed of the page. They also desired to give their loyal readers an ad-free content experience upon subscription.

Sounds pretty basic right? Try to do these on the wrong platform and it could take forever.

When Bar and Bench approached Quintype, the problems were visible. The team got to analyzing the concerns and coming up with practical remedies. The decision making that followed, was easy.

Once the numbers and graphs were studied, our team at Quintype helped Bar and Bench host their website on our CMS. With their native content set up and better control of the workflow and SEO scores, their publishing speed went up significantly. The omnichannel distribution allowed them to publish with light speed.

The “create once, publish everywhere” spirit took off any publishing delay that existed.

The setting up of the paywall was also done with ease, thanks to accesstype, our trustee monetization tool. Bar and bench can now upload premium content behind a paywall that is exclusive to its subscribers and manage it all - on their dashboard.

It isn't surprising for a legal news website to have demands, another specific feature Bar and Bench wanted was that of users being able to download court orders through their website. An easy fix, from our end.

Now users can easily download these files onto their phones and have detailed information about the same. Writers, on the back end, needn’t stress about the feature as it can easily be added as an attachment - easy clicks for a better website.

Once they got their website healthy, they wanted to have their app. An app would extend the features of a website but also integrate content into the user’s device. Our react native app team helped them set up their very own app within a few days. Loaded with their native content and easy to manage with our CMS- Bold. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. The inclusion of multimedia assets like images, videos, and gifs has helped them gain more vibrant traffic.

Usually, websites that take in more images can take forever to load, at Quintype, we ensure that isn't the case. So now bar and bench can run as many high-quality images as they’d like but their website performance will stay high.

Once the back end, app and paywall were set up, the page builder was introduced into the project. The layout customization tool helps create a highly customizable front end which helped B&B to make design swaps and changes with absolutely no coding.

Our suite of products has ensured the most comfortable publishing experience. With SEO scores on the dashboard, AMP support, content personalization, and of course a safe and secure website - Bar and Bench has been able to successfully step up their website.

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