Deccan Herald & Prajavani Witnesses Growth after Transitioning to Quintype

Deccan Herald & Prajavani Witnesses Growth after Transitioning to Quintype

Quintype’s DXP empowers the editorial team with custom workflows, bi-directional print-to-digital syndication, innovative storytelling formats, omnichannel distribution, content insights, and more.

[Bangalore, India - September 14, 2023] Quintype, a leading digital-first newsroom growth platform, today announced its collaboration with The Printers Mysore, a prominent media company in India known for iconic media brands such as Deccan Herald and Prajavani. This partnership has facilitated The Printers Mysore in doubling its active user base and maintaining stable website traffic.

As it evolved from a pivotal player in the print media ecosystem to a diversified media group, The Printers Mysore aimed to harness the power of its influential media brands to enhance its digital media presence for the next-generation news consumers. Recognising the shifting media landscape, they understood the importance of investing in digital platforms to engage their audience more directly and dynamically. In this journey, Quintype, with its AI-powered newsroom growth platform and deep digital publishing expertise, stood out as the ideal partner for The Printers Mysore's progressive digital approach.

This strategic collaboration enabled Deccan Herald and Prajavani to bolster its digital-first newsroom approach. They adopted Quintype's flagship News CMS platform, hosted on AWS, which comes fully equipped with all essential editorial features and the added benefit of seamless bi-directional print-to-digital syndication. Remarkably, over 2 million stories were migrated to Quintype’s platform without any dip in website traffic. Furthermore, most of their URLs now achieve a "Good" rating in Google's Core Web Vitals assessment.

“Our aim was to enhance our tech stack to offer our readers unparalleled experiences with a great design that is Clean, Crisp and Contemporary. The new platform aligned perfectly with our editorial team's criteria, including efficient workflow management. The entire Quintype team, from tech to product to support, was physically present in our office during the go-live of the new Prajavani and Deccan Herald websites. They closely worked with our team throughout the

process, ensuring a smooth transition.” said Sitaraman Shankar, CEO of The Printers Mysore and Editor of Deccan Herald.

"We're thrilled to team up with The Printers Mysore, a media titan in India boasting nearly 9 million print readers and an impressive over 100 million monthly pageviews," expressed Chirdeep Shetty, CEO at Quintype. “Our DXP platform is designed to aid publishers in reducing website downtime and amplifying traffic. It's a robust tool for efficient content generation and omnichannel distribution powered by a state-of-the-art tech stack."

About Quintype:

Quintype is a leading digital newsroom growth platform that empowers publishers to create, distribute, and monetise content. The platform enables editors to improve the speed and efficiency of publishing by automating and simplifying the process of creating and distributing content across all channels, from websites to mobile apps to social media, from a single CMS. It also enables publishers to create an engaging and interactive community around their content through commenting systems and monetise their content effectively through subscriptions and paywalls.

Quintype manages over 1Bn monthly pageviews for over 200+ publishers, including marquee brands like BQ Prime, The Quint, Fortune India, Outlook India, and Sakal Media.
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About The Printers Mysore:

The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited is a leading media company in India with iconic media brands like Deccan Herald and Prajavani. Started after India’s independence, it emerged in 1948 as part of the new Indian identity. It has shaped thought leadership and fuelled change for more than 70 years. It has leveraged the integrity of print and the speed of digital to evolve into one of the finest chroniclers of the times we live in. Both Deccan Herald and Prajavani, celebrated for their comprehensive news coverage and unwavering editorial standards, have also played a pivotal role in shaping the media landscape for decades.

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