The Cosmopolitan Globalist set for digital transformation by leveraging Quintype

The Cosmopolitan Globalist set for digital transformation by leveraging Quintype

The global media house, The Cosmopolitan Globalist is set to launch their website in a week with the Bold CMS from Quintype.

Targeted at global audiences who need to understand and analyze consequential events, with a local touch, depth, and flair, yet with a distinctly global perspective, The Cosmopolitan Globalist (CG), is a venture started by passionate journalists from across the world, using Quintype’s Bold CMS as its core technology platform.

We wanted to transform the Cosmopolitan Globalist from a newsletter into a global media platform with a modern, elegant, and sophisticated look. But we had complicated requirements. Our readers and correspondents live in every time zone of the world. We use many different reporting formats: written, audio, visual; narrative, graphic, illustrated.

We often run multi-part series, by multiple authors, treating topics from the Covid19 pandemic to global energy security, so we needed a platform that allowed us to present and illustrate these stories attractively and link them together in a way that made visual sense. We wanted our work to be archived, in an intelligent way, and searchable. We knew we needed advanced SEO. We needed the ability to run stories in more than one language. The platform had to be scalable because our readership will grow exponentially. We wanted all of this to be organized and presented in a way that made intuitive, visual sense to our readers. And it was just as important that the platform is intuitive enough, on the back end, that everyone on our team—no matter who or where they were could learn how to use it quickly and without too much handholding. We want everyone who works for us to spend their time reporting the news, not fighting the website.

In other words, the platform had to be complex enough to achieve all these objectives, but simple enough that even new hires could figure it out in less than a day. These were tough requirements, so we looked at many options and compared many systems. Quintype’s Bold CMS was our very clear choice. We can’t wait to unveil the new site to our readers,

Claire Berlinski, Editor-in-Chief at The Cosmopolitan Globalist.

With Claire Berlinski in Paris and Vivek Y. Kelkar in Mumbai heading the editorial team, CG provides educated, erudite, and credible reporting and analysis from around the world, treating issues of global import. It is not nationalist, partisan, narrow-minded, or provincial, but cosmopolitan and worldly in its outlook and attached to 18th century Enlightenment ideals.

About Quintype

Quintype was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India with a global clientele of marquee publishers across USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Quintype's award-winning multi-lingual, digital-first publishing solutions empower content creators to deliver superlative experiences to their readers, every single time.

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Quintype relieves publishers from the challenges of legacy content management systems, through its modern age SaaS products. Fast ROI at a strikingly low TCO enables adoption of the products across the board; from large media houses to aspirational start-ups. With Quintype, publishers can now focus on what they do the best: creating high-quality content

Quintype’s SaaS suite of products consist of Bold, Ahead, Accesstype and Metype. These products empower publishers around 3 axes - content management, audience engagement and content monetization.

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