Mexican publisher MiMorelia moves to Quintype for better publishing experience

Mexican publisher MiMorelia moves to Quintype for better publishing experience

Quintype Technologies to power the digital publishers from Mexico - Mimorelia

Bengaluru – October 25 , 2021: Quintype Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, a leading SaaS company for digital publishing, onboards yet another popular publisher from across the globe. MiMorelia, the Mexican media publisher has chosen Quintype’s platform to transform their digital publishing experience. This is Quintype’s, first of many publishers from Mexico. Mimorelia was in the hunt for a more current technical platform as an upgrade from their previous platform. They chose Quintype’s Bold CMS and Page builder, the customization tool. Quintype will extend services as the technical support provider, which includes capabilities in content management, customization, engagement, real-time analytics, omnichannel content distribution, API access and multi-site support, to provide a seamless experience to readers and powerful collaboration tools to publishers.

To us, working with local news feels like racing in Formula 1 and I am sure the team of MiMorelia are the best drivers, but we needed the fastest car possible, with Quintype I am confident we have found it. We now have a fast and responsive website, which will serve a better experience to our readers. Big thumbs up to the entire Quintype team.
Juan Carlos de Guerrero Osio Laris, Founder

The Page Builder is a layout customization tool that allows the team at MiMorelia to make design changes to their website without having to code. The Bold CMS takes care of the back-end work - the creation and distribution of content. It also helps manage workflow.

We’re thrilled to onboard MiMorelia onto the Quintype platform. Our CMS and customization tool were designed to bring a sense of empowerment for publishers - a no code interface specially for the editorial teams. Better customization and interface along with the premium interface. We’re excited and eager to support them through their publishing journey.

Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Quintype continues to spread their clientele globally with their smart headless CMS - Bold. With clients like MiMorelia entrusting the platform for the promise of improved site performance and quality workflow. Quintype also provides solutions for monetization, distribution, front-end services, mobile-apps etc to give a publisher the complete digital transformation.

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About Quintype :

Quintype was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India with a global clientele of marquee publishers across USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Quintype's award-winning multi-lingual, digital-first publishing solutions empower content creators to deliver superlative experiences to their readers, every single time.

Key Highlights:

100 Publishers

650M+ Page Views Per Month

100M+ Readers Per Month

150 Languages Supported

Quintype relieves publishers from the challenges of legacy content management systems, through its modern age SaaS products. Fast ROI at a strikingly low TCO enables adoption of the products across the board; from large media houses to aspirational start-ups. With Quintype, publishers can now focus on what they do the best: creating high-quality content

Quintype’s SaaS suite of products consist of Bold, Ahead, Accesstype and Metype. These products empower publishers around 3 axes - content management, audience engagement and content monetization.

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About MiMorelia : started in the year 2000 as the first 100% digital media in the state of Michoacán, with a premise to always report what should be relevant to the population of the region in the best possible way with no exaggerations or sensationalism. Since then we have been preferred by the Michoacán audience and all our migrants living in the US.

Nowadays has a presence on multiple social networks like Twitter, Instagram, TIkTok, Spotify and Facebook in which we have been the leaders on social interaction over the last 5 years.