Launch your native app with Quintype

Launch your native app with Quintype

Quintype Technologies launch their react native app product to help publishers build their mobile presence

Publishers have been moving towards finding smarter solutions to cater to their mobile-first audience. With 67% of the world’s population in possession of a mobile phone, this seems like a step in the right direction. Mobile apps have quickly become the sure way of providing native content to users by reducing the friction created by browsers.

Quintype announces the launch of their react native apps. A platform where digital publishers can launch their very own news app in the least time possible. The digital publishing tech company has already helped over 10 brands to launch their own app on both android and iOs platforms. Quintype has extended their safety and industry-approved content management features with the react native apps.

Today every publisher has a mobile app they use to retain and draw users. The team has come up with react native app, a solution built to help publishers provide a seamless experience to their mobile-first audience without even having to change their CMS.
Chirdeep Shetty, CEO, Quintype India Pvt. Ltd

Publishers can now sync their native content to the website and mobile app from a single CMS. Quintype takes over the technical responsibilities from the publishers while providing a superior user experience.

The react native apps come packed with industry approved features like - live video streaming, single sign on, ad integration, subscriptions, in-app purchases, offline features and more. The product is launched to reduce the overall time to build native apps without compromising the quality and security.

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About Quintype :

Quintype was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India with a global clientele of marquee publishers across USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Quintype's award-winning multi-lingual, digital-first publishing solutions empower content creators to deliver superlative experiences to their readers, every single time.

Key Highlights:

100 Publishers

650M+ Page Views Per Month

100M+ Readers Per Month

150 Languages Supported

Quintype relieves publishers from the challenges of legacy content management systems, through its modern age SaaS products. Fast ROI at a strikingly low TCO enables adoption of the products across the board; from large media houses to aspirational start-ups. With Quintype, publishers can now focus on what they do the best: creating high-quality content

Quintype’s SaaS suite of products consist of Bold, Ahead, Accesstype and Metype. These products empower publishers around 3 axes - content management, audience engagement and content monetization.

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