Women entrepreneurs you should know about!

Women entrepreneurs you should know about!

A short but powerful list of women entrepreneurs who've not let the pandemic slow them down

Blue haired baker

Sauparnika Sajjan is a mental health counselor and a passionate home baker from Bangalore. She started Saupy's Gourmet Kitchen & patisserie 4 years ago and has to offer cakes, jams, home made spreads and all kinds of sweet fantasies. Her specialty - Alcohol infused desserts.

She started as a baker who supplied to a single cafe and then realized she could make it her own. She takes care of every step - conceptualizing, tracking orders, baking and packaging.

Her advice to other entrepreneurs is that while it can be scary to start if you love what you do, you make it through the rough times.

Souparnika now ships her goodies pan India.

DM her to get your order placed -https://instagram.com/thebluehairdbaker?igshid=m5u6wwf0ky0b

Pause to Begin

A psychological counseling platform started by two friends - Prerna Gupta and Anu J. Jose. To break their 9-to-5, they started Pause to Begin, where one can sign up for therapy sessions and get the help needed. They wanted to provide an authentic center where you meet only qualified professionals.

They wanted to explore, engage with clients creatively and broaden the scope of providing help.

The idea was to create a safe place where people can talk without fearing judgment which seemed necessary with the pandemic forcing everyone to reflect on themselves. Pause to begin offers help online to keep up with their clients and offer phone, video, and face-to-face sessions.

Visit their Website !

“It can be hard to balance two jobs at once but when you love what you do, there's no reason to hold back”


Shivpriya has a degree in finance and an online store for stationery. With her passion to leave her mark everywhere, it didn’t take too long for her to start her own company. She started Callidsign a little more than a year ago.

Putting my design on surfaces that's what I love doing

The store is based in Chennai and primarily sells stationery across India. She also makes customizable printables like business cards, logos, etc.

Shivpriya recalls being an artist since she was a little kid however the midsummer course in brush lettering is what got her intrigued. She admits that in the beginning there were hits and misses however with her team of two, she’s now enjoying her small business and getting to do it on her terms. While the pandemic slowed down a lot of the work, she continued to keep her orders fulfilled.


Art is liberating. And I enjoy not having to send reports to anyone


2020 slowed down everything. And Shaifali used this time to focus on her art. She jumped into fluid art. With a little alcohol ink and a blowdryer, she is ready to create the most beautiful canvases.

She is an artist who sells canvases, wall clocks, and coasters with her unique art. While the artwork is customizable it isn’t replicable. Clients can choose a palette and as soon as the paint dries, it’s shipped across!

DM her to get art delivered to your doorstep here

Dance with me Studio

Mridula Martis has an 18-year-old dance institution that is affiliated with UKA, Blackpool, and IDTA, Brighton. She is also the proud author of ‘There is a dance to every song”. Her dance studio offers various formal and fitness-oriented dance forms including Ballet, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Waltz, Paso Doble, Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Hip Hop, and Line Dancing.

Being from the corporate sector Mridula is passionate about using the joys of dance to de-stress and improve mental and physical fitness. She has facilitated multiple corporate workshops and events over the years.

She volunteers at government schools and orphanages helping them celebrate events with dance and has organized field trips to the studio for them as well.

During the pandemic we had to go online with our classes and it was not easy initially but as it was the next best thing to physical classes we slowly built a clientele of both existing students, and newcomers. The upside was that people who had moved away from Bangalore and India have reconnected with us and are back to dancing again!

Mridula Martis

Mridula is a charted accountant and has worked with KPMG for over 6 years before she decided to catch a flight to London to pursue her career in dance. Because sometime you have to jazz it up a little.

Visit her dance studio here - http://www.dancewithmestudio.in


Priya is an Enterprise Platform Design Architect in the Data Intelligence, Data Privacy, and Security space. She was one of the lead designers of the Oracle Life Sciences Hub, Oracle’s flagship for data storage and processing of clinical data. She holds a patent in the space of data protection and privacy and is currently the CEO of Bitgram.

She was the first to build a cross-industry platform for Identity Intelligence which was similar to walking through a dark room as there's no one to look upto or compare. Venturing into building a product company in India was another big challenge but the founders did not give up and are now enjoying the sweet fruit of their effort.

Visit the website here!

There is always value in spending time to figure out a win-win scenario every single time. Take one conscious additional step every time - that e-mail, that phone call, or that extra note, will go a long way in the long run.

This is a short list of entrepreneurs we wanted to celebrate this women's day. For those aspiring to start something of their own, we hope their stories inspire you!

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