The Quintype QA Meetup
The Quintype QA Meetup

The outset of ‘Quintype QA’ meetup - 4th August 2018

We the Quintypians, from the Quintype family, are stepping into the inception of creating a community for all the geniuses. And we held our first QA meetup this month, August 2018. The meetup was held at our Quintype premises with 20 participants.

The participants were mainly professionals who are concerned about the quality of the software product. And to our bliss, the meetup turned out to be very interactive and informative, not just for the members but also for us.

Apprehend our intentions

The main goal of this group is to discuss about various quality challenges we face at our organizations and find ways around the nuances of QA/testing, problems in testing, approach/strategy for testing, planning and execution.

We are a modern data driven solution for digital publishing. And the more we love our product to be error-free, we also love software testing, thus, beginning to share our problems and finding solutions to it.

The QA Meetup - Break News Faster

Agenda of our talk

Test Pyramid

Test Pyramid is a concept which we believe must be followed at every level in an organization. The concept states that one must have many low-level unit tests than high-level end-to-end tests running through a GUI.

We concentrated on how it should be implemented in a crucial workflow to improve better automation coverage and what advantages it fetches for a QA to know its usage. Also, we discussed on the ways of increasing productivity using the concept.

Rethinking Testing

The traditional ways of testing still exists. Why? It is somewhere better with stronger concepts, but in this era of technology, automation has taken over. Now, majority of the flows are automated. Understanding the difference between manual and automated testing, was our motive of talk.

We discussed on the mistakes followed in testing and the tools which needs to be implemented for a better result. Focussing on how the traditional means can be replaced, we began our meetup with a motive to bring a change.

Agenda of our workshop

Primer on containers

We had a very basic workshop on Docker. We believe that QA should be head on. Every professional working for an organization must have hands on knowledge in every aspect of technology.

We believe a QA must be proficient in order to handle every aspect of technology/code or situation thus, saving time and increasing productivity in an organization.

The participants of QA Meetup
The participants of QA Meetup


The group will be your ideal platform to learn and discuss how testing can be ensured and optimized when limitations exist and produce an awesome product.

Feedbacks on our debut

Test Pyramid

  • "Talk on the Test pyramid was very useful and could connect"
  • "Thanks for hosting us and both talks were very helpful"
  • "Very useful discussions and gave us good insights"

Rethinking Testing

  • "Excellent session by the speakers. Key takeaways is to have UI/UX requirement as part of the story"
  • "The session is helpful to reflect on the different procedures we use for QA testing and how to improve it"
  • "Good way to differentiate between traditional and current testing methods"

Primer on containers

  • "Docker session was helpful to understand the idea to use virtualization and containers at work"
  • "Nice interactive session. Got all basic knowledge to pull and push images"
  • "Got basic knowledge to run docker, create containers, pull an image, run an image and create a repository"

Occurrence of the meetup

We are now planning to have the meet up scheduled once in every month.

Will keep you posted on the date!

Get in touch to evolve your skills

Drop us an email at [email protected]

Also, if you wish to speak on an interesting topic, let us know.

Registrations open!

Spread the word. Let’s talk QA.

The detailed venue


#29, 3rd Floor

Old Airport Road, Opposite Kemp Fort Mall

Murgesh Palya

Bengaluru - 560017

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