Life at Quintype : Aspire, Progress and Thrive

Life at Quintype : Aspire, Progress and Thrive

A quick look into how Quintype works as a company and a team

When digital publishing took off, very little attention was shed on the technology that went behind it. This is primarily because the content is the face of it while technology is a steady spine that allows the growth.

The team at Quintype works with a singular goal- make digital publishing a smooth ride for everyone. While we’re constantly trying to keep up with the demands of our clients and stay up to date, we also try to ensure that as a company, we maintain a lively and healthy environment.

For easy comprehension,

Our mission is to solve the technological needs of digital publishers and to help them grow.

Our vision is to be amongst the top 3 globally trusted brands in technology for digital publishers.

And our values include :

  • Integrated SaaS for digital publishers which is secure, scalable and reliable

  • High performance application across devices

  • Products that bring latest technological innovations to our clients.

We bring these to life with meticulous planning and with the help of our super dynamic team.

In business terms, we consider our office a stimulation platform so that our employees have a good work time and they are able to perform the best they can. This is a result of careful planning and organization but in simpler terms it means - unlimited leave plan, unlimited snacks and unlimited support system.

First Impressions 

Pre-pandemic, you’d see lined white desks that double as white boards - because why waste paper? And chairs arranged alongside. You would also see our meeting rooms to your right where we keep our goals and priorities written in ink - for easy progress tracking.

You may also sight our beloved foosball table - it has been a part of a lot of good days. We also have a snacks corner where we do most of our socializing.

But most importantly, you will see our team. We are a vibrant group of around 100 employees across various teams who work together, some on the desk, some sitting on bean bags and a few others standing - all working in sync thanks to our stand-ups and weekly check-ins.

How are we working during the pandemic?

Glad you asked. The pandemic hit all businesses hard but when your expertise is in the digital realm, it is hard to feel out of place with the pandemic lifestyle. Our teams balance a lot on their plates, so communication is crucial. We tried and tested a few tools and stuck with the ones employees appreciated the best. From weekly google meets to slack groups - we stay in touch with everyone even if we are sitting at home in pajamas. The unexpected sneak peaks of our employee's children and pets during internal meetings has definitely been a crowd favourite.

We understand that it is difficult to have a wide angle view of things when you’re working remotely, this is why we take active steps to keep every member updated and in sync. Our sales and customer support teams for instance, takes the extra effort to coordinate their efforts and keep a clear goal. We also have monthly demos and product updates that the whole team participates in. These efforts are made to ensure that everybody is on the same page.

We have also added new members to our teams during the pandemic. The orientation and training is carried out digitally but we have been able to expand our team and that is the kind of growth we’re eager to invest into.

Events :

As a company we have always believed in the need to interact. We celebrate all major festivities as a big team. We believe that the office is not just a place to work but also one where our employees can interact and relax.

Celebrating birthdays, wedding and work anniversaries are events we look forward to. With the pandemic around, we have a dedicated team that ensures that Fridays don’t go underrated.

There are Innovation Fridays, where we brainstorm new ideas and come with solutions that are super helpful. It has birthed several new product ideas and updates that has helped us cater to our clients better. The idea for the 'innovation Fridays' came forward as a means to provide the team a platform where they can explore new options and ideas and so far, it's helped us add more color to our products and stay ahead.

With our initiatives for the organisation, we try to follow a three S model - Simple, Scalable and Sustainable. The initiatives must be easy to adopt and later build on. This ensures that our attempts don’t have an untimely death.
Aruna Banerjee, Vice President, HR

When we're not working

Being chained to the desks is every employee’s nightmare. During work, the daily stand ups and client meetings encourage a change of space and help us collaborate better.

While we have specific rooms for meetings and brainstorming sessions, we also have a uniform work space for all of us, this way our flat hierarchy is more visible and effective. We are also very proud with our variety of seating options.

We enjoy a good foosball battle or perhaps a game of chess during lunch. Some of us also like to hold a plank or two to stay pumped through the day.

As a team, we've always been quite subtle with our efforts to live a sustainable life. This means having lot of plants in the office space, using reusables instead of single use products and some of us go the extra mile by cycling all the way to the office!

How we stay in touch

Just because we don't see each other everyday doesn’t mean that we are not interacting. We have official conversations during our webinars, welfare programmes and meetings. But we also keep it casual in any way we can.

  • Our pet channel is for all the pet parents to hang out. We like to show off our pets, guilty! This is also how we try to help out any animals - use our network to get shelter or adoption support.

  • Paatshala discussion group,

    This is where we come to discuss a session taken or add resourceful information. We have monthly sessions taken by subject experts and our team joins these classes to learn more. We share the data and conduct discussions to ensure that we can all still learn a thing or two during these times.

  • Fun Friday

    Fun fridays are our way of easing into the weekend. We have a dedicated team who organise different games that we can play and enjoy after work, on most Fridays.

    The Fun Fridays have helped us all interact outside of work, as we survive the pandemic.

  • Games!

    We have a super fun team that coordinates games and events. We try to squeeze in as much leisure time as possible. We’re a competitive bunch, so any fun friday turns into a mayhem but it’s all fun and giggles.

We started 5 years ago and we have bid goodbye to some very important people in our team. However, we have had a lot of new people join our team. We are super excited to witness our company grow in the industry and as a team. We are in the look out for new members, if you would like to work with us, click here.