Why publishers should look into Shorter content as the new big trend

Why publishers should look into Shorter content as the new big trend

Look into the power of short form content and how it can benefit publishers

The digital environment today is built around attention. As our attention spans go lower, it’s important to have published content that supports this shift. 64% of audiences are consuming content on multiple screens and platforms at once. 

Content being successful depends largely on its ability to cut through noise and convey the message. There’s so much content out there that it’s difficult to stand out in that digital stimulation one is stuck in. For this very reason, the appetite of the digital audience has gone down significantly. The audience today wants smaller snackable content which they can consume quickly and get on with their experience. This is especially true for the younger audience which is precisely why publishers must focus on shorter content. 

Social media platforms encourage short form content. TikTok is a definite game changer in this trend. It founded the short-form video doom scrolling which in-turn caused a meteoric growth in 2022. Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook have all jumped in on this trend of short videos as well. The short video format has been a key offering for most social media platforms, content creators, and viewers.

Help Build Connections

Short form content not only supports the shortened attention span of individuals but also engages audiences enough to meet their desire for connection. Communities can be fostered around the re-creation of trendy videos, dance routines, challenges and more. 

As a publisher, this means that your content can reach a far wider audience - encourage your followers to create their own content using the same sound/visuals, encourage them to make reaction videos to stories and more. 

This is supported by the environment in social media platforms. It provides the tools to audiences to create short form content easily on their own. It broadens the inclusivity in the creative industry. Today, anyone with a smartphone can create content and that is what publishers need to utilize. The analytics and algorithm will also help better target the audience with the most suitable content. 

Impact of Trends 

Light speed internet connection is the standard today. In a deeply digitally connected world, brands today have to create content that goes from one point to another. One must create content that can keep up the pace. Simple and easy to produce short form content. Reels, memes, mirco-posts, threads are examples of short form content that can help highlight events in a way that long form studio produced content cannot. It’s crucial that publishers emphasize the need for creating powerful short form content. The first few seconds are crucial to gain attention.  Reactivity is vital for brands to stay relevant. 

Helps Improve Reach 

Content creators find the value of short-form content in its ability to test new concepts quickly. They’re easy to create and take very little time. It’s also helpful in attracting a large interest-based audience. Short form content is perfect for building brand awareness and also for re-engaging followers and subscribers with your content.    

One must also remember that while short form content is ideal to bring the audience in, only long form content has the capacity to derive deeper engagement from the audience and provide more information. Short form content needs to bring audiences to the long form stories/articles on your website. The format must be used based on the platform and must focus on what the audience appreciates and demands. 


We can’t rely entirely on any single form of content distribution. As a collection, one must offer various kinds of content formats to ensure that readers have choice and aren’t left unsatiated. A blend of well-crafted short form content along with long form content will help publishers grab the attention of their target audience, engage following and have them convert as subscribers.